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Meet Duleepa "Dups" Wijayawardhana, the CTO for Supermetrics, and find out how Aiven has helped Supermetrics guide their data across clouds.


Getting data management right has been pivotal for Singapore IoT startup SensorFlow to optimise energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions for its hotelier clients.


"At Decathlon, service and technology innovation is rooted in our daily activities. It's why we form alliances with strong, multicloud partners like Aiven, providing DBaaS as the technological and operational linchpin of our Cloud Platform Engineering global strategy," stated Jérôme Dubreuil, Decathlon Chief Digital Officer.

22 case studies

  • Digital Asset Research

    Financial Services

    High-growth start-up in digital assets market provides real-time pricing and market insights with Aiven for Apache Kafka®

    Apache Kafka®
  • Priceline

    Travel and Recreation

    Priceline distributes its streaming architecture globally with Aiven on Google Cloud.

    Apache Kafka®
  • Paperlust


    Paperlust, an Australian online retailer, turned to Aiven after facing scalability and stability issues. Read to find out how the problem was solved!

  • Everactive

    Software and Internet

    Everactive, a provider of batteryless IoT tech, set up a sensor data pipeline on top of Aiven for Apache Kafka®. Find out how it went.

    Apache Kafka®Apache Kafka® Connect
  • Wolt

    Consumer Services

    Wolt achieves major savings by using Aiven's managed data infrastructure. Find out how they are utilizing open source tools in the delivery technology space.

    Apache Kafka®PostgreSQL®Grafana®OpenSearch®
  • Talon.One

    Software and Internet

    Talon.One enables customers to set up promotion campaigns, and provides each customer with their own PostgreSQL server to guarantee availability and security.

  • Swift Solutions

    Transportation and Storage

    Swift expands its delivery and order fulfilment services by using Redis, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

    PostgreSQL®Redis®Apache Kafka®
  • Mirakl

    Software and Internet

    This online marketplace provider moved to the cloud, using Apache Kafka to improve scalability and reduce maintenance effort.

    Apache Kafka®OpenSearch®
  • GoTo Financial

    Financial Services

    GoTo handles massive amounts of payments as part of the Gojek superapp ecosystem. They run their scalable infrastructure on Apache Kafka within their home country of Indonesia.

    Apache Kafka®
  • Catalyst

    Software and Internet

    Catalyst uses PostgreSQL to store customer data to enable customer success managers to leverage all their data to maintain their customer relationships.

  • JobCloud

    Software and Internet

    After a long time juggling legacy systems, JobCloud now runs Switzerland's largest job board on Apache Kafka.

    Apache Kafka®
  • Aiven

    Software and Internet

    Aiven has built a solid observability solution that our customers can also adopt by using the open source building blocks provided by Aiven.

  • Norauto


    Norauto runs their range of online automobile services, from repair booking to parts retail, on Apache Kafka and PostgreSQL, among others.

    Redis®PostgreSQL®MySQLApache Kafka®OpenSearch®
  • Vidio

    Media and Entertainment

    Indonesian video service Vidio provides a scalable, reliable streaming platform with Aiven for PostgreSQL®.

  • Alef Education


    Alef's digital learning platform runs on Apache Kafka, bringing content to learners and insights to teachers.

    Apache Kafka®Grafana®InfluxDB®
  • Ometria

    Software and Internet

    Ometria's marketing platform delivers a consistent, personalized customer experience across many channels using Artifical Intelligence and PostgreSQL.

    Apache Kafka®OpenSearch®PostgreSQL®
  • Spare

    Transportation and Storage

    Spare provides a platform for building transportation services by using PostgreSQL.

  • NetSpyGlass

    Software and Internet

    NetSpyGlass offers advanced network monitoring automation. They use Terraform with their complex Apache Kafka and PostgreSQL-based data backend to simplify service management.

    Apache Kafka®PostgreSQL®
  • Paf

    Media and Entertainment

    This gambling operator in the Baltics went from slot machines to an online hybrid Apache Kafka-based infrastructure.

    Apache Kafka®InfluxDB®Grafana®
  • Adeo


    The global ADEO home improvement conglomerate uses an Apache Kafka driven infrastructure to enable omnichannel shopping experiences.

    Apache Kafka®PostgreSQL®OpenSearch®Redis®MySQL
  • OVO Energy

    Energy and Utilities

    OVO is a UK-based energy company. It uses an Apache Kafka-based data infrastructure to meet its sustainability goals.

    Apache Kafka®
  • Comcast

    Media and Entertainment

    Comcast's home security system runs massive amounts of IoT data through an Apache Kafka centric infrastructure.

    Apache Kafka®InfluxDB®Grafana®

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