Aiven enabling Swift growth


Swift Solutions, founded in 2020 and recently acquired by Tokopedia, is a Jakarta-based logistics company offering delivery and order fulfillment services in the fast-growing Indonesia region.

The logistics industry has seen unprecedented growth in 2020-2022, partly due to COVID-19 and its influx of home-delivered goods, partly to technological innovation and new players that offer increasingly smooth and affordable service. What’s more, the business is also having to respond to shorter and shorter delivery time requirements. In Indonesia, services like the quick commerce Tokopedia NOW, required delivery times are down to under 120 minutes. 

Caught up in this movement, Swift Solutions is growing rapidly, fuelled by their recent acquisition by Tokopedia. Read how Swift is scaling up their infrastructure with Aiven, in order to meet enormous growth from 15 million orders this year to 45 million next year.

Products used
Apache Kafka
Aiven for Apache Kafka®
Aiven for MySQL
Aiven for Redis®*
Hosted on
Google Cloud Platform

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