Aiven for Retail

Whether your storefront is physical, digital, or both, you have streams of orders, sales, shipments, price adjustments, returns, etc. You need to capture and analyse these streams in real-time, and store them for later use to remain competitive.

Get closer with the cloud

By using the cloud to run your data infrastructure in, you can get closer to where your customers and suppliers actually are. This provides a number of benefits, including reducing latency when orders are placed.

You can also quickly scale your hardware resources to your needs. For instance, you can provision additional capacity on demand during peak seasons and dial it back down when you enter slower seasons.


Get real-time insights with Apache Kafka

Need to make price changes or orders from your suppliers according to your sales activity? A streaming platform can receive and send information from your POS to your backend applications, and vice versa. Kafka’s popular due to its resilience, scalability, and speed.

A pipeline for account, inventory, analytics data, and more

Running your data through a stream processor, such as Flink, will allow you to perform tasks such as real-time performance analytics for your points of sale and predictive analytics to ensure that you maintain optimal inventory levels.

Then, you can add S3 or Cassandra for batch analytics, and an RDBMS to handle inventory levels. In short, you’ll have the most current, actionable data to improve customer experience while driving up efficiencies that help drive costs down.

A sample data pipeline for Retail


Customers using Aiven for retail

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