Aiven Retail Solutions. Open source bang for your customers’ buck.

Retail comes in many shapes and sizes – from brick and mortar stores to global eCommerce. Aiven’s flexible solutions can adapt to suit any situation and budget.


Aiven for Retail - the super-powered cloud solution

Aiven’s portfolio of cloud-based data architecture solutions not only help the retail sector build vital services applications, they also power the behind-the-scenes data pipelines that energize businesses.


Inventory management

Every item, tracked and managed.

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Customer accounts

Create hyper-personalized, omnichannel customer experiences.


Shopping recommendations

Based on knowing your customers.


Capacity planning

Ramping production to meet demand.


Demand forecasting

Determining potential future demand.


Optimizing labor

Ensuring optimal production and profits.


Real-time data analytics

Capturing and analysing real-time data to remain competitive.


Secure transactions

Business critical security for customer peace of mind.


Freight and shipping

Managing stock, deliveries and returns.

The cloud data advantage

Moving your data infrastructure to Aiven’s cloud-based service increases both the speed and flexibility of your business. Running operations in the cloud reduces latency when ordering, keeping customers happy. And with Aiven, switching plans is easy, so you can scale up during peak seasons, and back down again as needed with zero data downtime.

Aiven in action

Find out how Aiven’s clients use our fully managed services.


Adeo, the third-largest player in the home improvement market, aims to understand and predict their customers' behavior to better connect Adeo services to the goods they buy. Aiven's managed database platform provides a unified open source infrastructure to supercharge their development.


Ometria enables hundreds of retail businesses to utilise customer insights to drive personalised cross-channel marketing experiences. With Aiven’s help, they can provide a faster and more reliable service to their customers now and in the future while reducing their infrastructure costs.


Norauto is a successful retail entity focusing on car repairs, accessories and parts. It’s a brand name in the massive Mobivia company group, which operates in 19 countries around the world and employs over 22,000 people. Norauto runs many different digital services for their customers that depend on a wide variety of open source tools.

Why Aiven’s retail solutions are trusted by global brands

We know that no two businesses are alike—which is why we offer a highly-flexible range of solutions that can be easily combined and integrated with your existing systems. You can create exactly the data architecture you need today, and rest assured that as your business needs grow, you’ll be able scale up tomorrow.

A future-proof solution that grows with your needs.

All of Aiven’s plans are easily scalable. You can increase or decrease the storage you need, or the number of processing cores.

Cloud agnostic

You can switch between any of the cloud providers at the push of a button, and spin up regional clusters as your company grows.

No vendor lock in

Because everything’s open source, you’re not dependent on the whims of a single tech vendor. The tools you use today will still be open in the future.

A flexible pricing structure

With Aiven, open source solutions keep the costs low, and our all-inclusive pricing means you only pay for the servers and storage you need, when you need it – no surprises.

Flexible architecture

Increase the load at crunch times, decrease it in off seasons. Switch providers and plans whenever you choose. You have total control.

Easy integration with your systems

Plug into your existing data sources (using Kafka Connect, for example) and add close to real-time analytics on top.

Extensive security and compliance

Aiven maintains compliance with all major data regulations, including ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and PCI DSS.

Excellent customer support

Aiven’s customers love our world-class support, offered 24/7, 365 days a year.

Extensive data monitoring

Our observability platform goes way beyond monitoring to offer metrics, monitoring, logging, analysis and diagnosis, alerting, and troubleshooting — all in one complete package.

High availability and disaster recovery

Aiven offers 99.99% uptime, automated backups, and a self-healing platform that automagically fixes issues before human intervention is needed. We also monitor your system 24/7 – so you’ll always have peace of mind for your data.

A large range of products to meet your needs as you grow

Aiven’s portfolio of services range from PostgreSQL® (the world’s leading open source relational database, powering eCommerce all over the world) to M3 (a cutting edge time series database developed by Uber), and everything in between including Apache Kafka®, OpenSearch®, MySQL, Redis™*, and Grafana®. There’s more than enough to cater for every scale of business – and you can pick and mix from all of the services in any combination.

See for yourself

Want to see how easily Aiven can help your business? Try out our fully-managed services for free. Or contact sales for a personalised solution.

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"Thanks to Aiven, we can now scale our databases to accommodate rapid fluctuations in user volume."

Andy Librian

Technical Expert

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"A high uptime guarantee and good support are critical for our business. Aiven’s pricing also helps us forecast costs, as things like network and storage expenses are included."

Vincent Leriche

IT Operations Leader