Evolve your applications with Aiven for AI

Embrace AI in your data intensive applications with a next generation data platform. Stream, store, serve, and govern your data to safely adopt AI at scale.

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Customer spotlight


Aiven has been a great partner, providing performant scalable vector and hybrid search powered by OpenSearch. Best of all, our customers can select any cloud or region based on their requirements for their data.

Nilesh Bansal, founder of workOrb


By combining Aiven’s data platform with Sway Al’s modeling and insight capabilities, we can offer an end-to-end answer for customer data platform needs.


Use cases

How Does it All Work Together

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Reduce GenAI Hallucination with contextual information

Perform Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) directly from your operational data layer

  • Store Generative AI embeddings alongside your operational data, without onboarding new technologies
  • Enrich Gen AI context and avoid hallucination by performing semantic search at scale
  • Retrieve real-time, tailored, and transactionally accurate results by mixing vector and standard queries through hybrid search


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Remove data silos with Aiven for Apache Kafka

Provide real-time and governed data to your AI

  • Join data from external and internal sources while removing sensitive information to get a holistic view of your business
  • Evolve your existing applications to use AI without changing or impacting legacy software
  • Create your AI model using historical data, and keep the model current using real-time data
  • Provide a layer of abstraction between data sources and the AI serving layer without changing the underlying data structure


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Accelerate scalable application development and maintenance with Aiven for AI

Write performant code and resolve CloudOps issues faster

  • Accelerate writing performant code by providing developers with index and SQL rewrite suggestions
  • Reduce the time to CloudOps incident resolution through real-time performance insights and optimization suggestions
  • Optimize applications for performance and scalability before releasing them into production
  • Free up your DBA resources to spend more time on high-value tasks

Check out the Aiven AI Database Optimizer to understand how to tune your PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.



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