Security & Compliance

Premium level of security on all accounts

Security is everything. We know that. To demonstrate our commitment to our customers' information security, we maintain compliance with all major data regulations and are ISO 27001 certified. We provide a premium level of security on all accounts, regardless of size.

Read on to find out about our ISO 27001 certificate, how to get a SOC 2 report, GDPR DPA or HIPAA BAA, as well as the specifics of the security features that we include on all accounts.

Compliance certification

Compliant since: 2018

Certificate no. 10305 - 02
Compliance certification

Compliant since: 2019

Compliance certification

Compliant since: 2017

Compliance certification

Compliant since: 2018

Compliance certification

Compliant since: 2020


  • Server

    Dedicated Virtual Machines

    Some vendors use multi-tenant virtual machines to reduce costs; we deliver all Aiven software on dedicated virtual machines: better security.

  • Lock

    End-to-End Encryption

    We enforce TLS for connections used in transferring data and encrypt it while it is on disk.

  • Key

    Complete Network Security

    All Aiven nodes are firewalled and you can specify the IP addresses that users are allowed to connect from.

  • Clock

    Automated Security Updates

    We ensure that your software is up-to-date and automatically install security updates.

  • Shield Check

    Annual Security Testing

    We have externally conducted annual security evaluation for all our managed cloud services.

  • cloud question

    Need More Details?

    Get more details on security topics such as access control, encryption, network security, and others by reading our cloud security overview.