Mar 29, 2023

Aiven Support Services Description


Aiven operates 24/7/365 monitoring on the Cloud Services and Aiven's personnel will be automatically alerted on any service anomalies. Aiven's personnel will commence work on any issues in system operations requiring manual intervention without delay.

Aiven provides Basic level support without separate charge for regular subscriptions (which includes all paid service plans) through email regarding problems related to using and accessing the Aiven Cloud Services. Responses are provided on a best-effort basis during the same or next business day.

This Support Services Description applies only to customers utilizing online terms and conditions.

Support tiers

Aiven also offers three additional support tiers on top of the free Basic tier described above: Priority, Business, and Enterprise. Different tiers consist of a mix of phone support, twelve (12) hour support and technical account management depending on the level of commitment. The support tiers and their features have been described in the table below. Customers using Provider’s Services through Provider’s Free Plan will not receive support under any support tiers, but are encouraged to seek guidance in Provider’s community forum.

For more details on the specifics of what the support covers, visit the responsibility page.

Support tier descriptions

*Provider will assess High cases received over the weekend without undue delay. After evaluation, Provider may upgrade High cases with material business impact to a Critical case for immediate attention.

Response times by case severity

NOTE: The response times reflect the period of time within which Provider’s support personnel will begin working on a case. As the complexity and root cause of cases vary, Provider extends no guarantees regarding timeframes within which cases will be resolved.

Case severity descriptions

To support the Provider in the timely resolution of High and Critical cases, Customer’s timely cooperation is essential. The Provider and Customer endeavor to cooperate with the other by, among other actions, making available information, approvals and/or acceptances so each Party may properly accomplish its obligations and responsibilities. The unreasonable delay or withholding of information, approvals and/or acceptances by Customer may inhibit Provider’s ability to pursue timely resolution of cases. Customer’s lack of response or timely cooperation may result in Provider downgrading the case severity or closing the case.

Support pricing per month

Example 1: With Priority Support, the combined monthly Cloud Service spend is $5,000. 4.5% x $5,000 = $225. It is less than $500, so the support price will be $500 per month.

Example 2: With Priority Support, the combined monthly Cloud Service spend is $12,000. 4.5% x $12,000 = $540. It is more than $500, so the support price will be $540 per month.