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About Aiven

Aiven is a cloud technology startup launched in January 2016. We run and manage open source database and backend messaging systems for our business customers around the world. We take the pain away from running databases and allow our customers to focus on building their own products without having to worry about database management.

Aiven's core team previously worked for companies like F-Secure, Nokia and Google, building and managing large scale mission critical database systems. The founders have been running an Open Source database management company since 2010, working with a variety of companies ranging from startups to large publicly traded corporations and government agencies to solve complex database requirements.

Aiven is backed by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Lifeline Ventures, one of the most successful VC funds in Europe.

Please send general sales queries to us at .

Email support is available for customers at .

Security response and incident contact email address is .

Aiven is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Our EU VAT number is FI27957435.

LinkedIn Oskari Saarenmaa
LinkedIn Markus Nuotto
Head of Sales
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Head of Technology
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Head of Operations
LinkedIn Hannu Valtonen
Head of Product
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Board member
Lifeline Ventures
We’re looking for new developers and marketing specialists to join our team in central Helsinki.