Aiven on Google Cloud

Build innovative applications at scale with Aiven on Google Cloud

Build world class data infrastructure with Aiven on Google Cloud. Aiven provides the open source data services you know and love, user-friendly interfaces, high end customer support, and built-in security and compliance by design. Now accessible from the Google Cloud Marketplace and via Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC).


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Why Aiven on Google Cloud?

Aiven is Google Cloud breakthrough partner of the year 2023

Why Aiven on Google Cloud?

Aiven accelerates your time-to-market by streamlining setup, configuration, security, maintenance, and reliability tasks, so you can focus on your core business and applications that amaze your customers.



We guard your data infrastructure like our own, with dedicated virtual machines, TLS encryption and VPC peering on Google Cloud.

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Get your questions and tickets handled by members of Aiven core development teams, instead of outsourced support specialists.



Aiven uptimes can't be beat - we promise to have your services running 99.99% of the time.


Easy billing

Receive a single invoice from Google Cloud, instead of two separate bills from Google Cloud and Aiven.


Consume commitment

Purchases of Aiven services through the Google Cloud marketplace will also count towards your cloud spending commitments with Google Cloud.



When deploying Aiven services on Google Cloud you will run your services purely on renewable energy with industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).


Aiven on Google Cloud Marketplace

With Marketplace, Google Cloud customers can deploy Aiven cloud services with a few clicks. Fully-managed Aiven cloud services for Apache Kafka®, OpenSearch®, Apache Cassandra®, Redis®*, PostgreSQL®, MySQL, and Dragonfly are available. Apache Kafka® Connect and Apache Kafka® MirrorMaker 2.0 are also available to provide the most mature and complete open source Kafka streaming platform service on Google Cloud.


Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) on Google Cloud

Aiven BYOC enables customers to deploy Aiven’s data services directly to their Google Cloud account. This provides customers the flexibility to use Google Cloud for compute, storage, and networking - and to consolidate their cloud spend with Google to amplify cost saving opportunities.

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"Being able to use Kubernetes and Terraform is a really good feature at Aiven. We have a better DevOps flow, and configuration errors are history."

Ignacio Evan Daryanto

VP of Engineering at Swift Solutions

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E-commerce database handles 11.2 million requests an hour while delivering 99.99% uptime and latency below 1 millisecond thanks to Aiven.

Janek Wonner

Head of SRE and Cloud Technology, Conrad Electronic

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"The performance of Aiven for Clickhouse is seriously impressive. Previously, the histograms for the larger workspaces would take around 30 seconds to load. Now it takes less than a second".

Maurice Kherlakian

Founding Engineer and CTO