Fully managed databases on Amazon Web Services

Start building your apps in 15 minutes with Aiven - a managed cloud database platform. Easy setup, mind-blowingly amazing support and total integration with your AWS billing.

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Why Aiven on Amazon Web Services?

Stop spending your hours on endless data plumbing and system configuration. With Aiven, all the boring stuff is done for you. Now you can focus on the fun part of the job: building apps that amaze your customers.

SECURITY: We guard your data infrastructure like our own, with dedicated virtual machines, TLS encryption and VPC peering on AWS.

SUPPORT: Get your questions and tickets handled by members of Aiven core development teams, instead of outsourced support specialists.

UPTIME: Aiven uptimes can't be beat - we promise to have your services running 99.99% of the time. That's 4 minutes of downtime a year.

EASY BILLING : Receive a single invoice from AWS, instead of two separate bills from AWS and Aiven. Purchases of Aiven services through the marketplace will also count towards your cloud spending commitments with AWS.

"At Comcast, we needed a robust managed Kafka solution for some of our most critical workflows. Based on our evaluation, Aiven clearly offers superior cost, support and performance."

Adam Hertz | VP of Engineering