Aiven + AWS Partnership

Get the proven open source data services you love on AWS. Easy setup, human support. Available on AWS Marketplace, and you can Bring Your Own Account.

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Why Aiven on Amazon Web Services?

Instead of spending your cycles on setup, security, and system configuration, ongoing maintenance, and scaling reliably, leverage Aiven. We take care of the boring stuff for you, so you can focus on your core business and applications that amaze your customers.

SECURITY: We guard your data infrastructure like our own, with dedicated virtual machines, TLS encryption and VPC peering on AWS. SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliant.

SUPPORT: Get your questions and tickets handled by members of Aiven core development teams, instead of outsourced support specialists.

UPTIME: Aiven uptimes can't be beat - we promise to have your services running 99.99% of the time. That's 4 minutes of downtime a year.

EASY BILLING : Receive a single invoice from AWS, instead of two separate bills from AWS and Aiven. Purchases of Aiven services through the marketplace will also count towards your cloud spending commitments with AWS.

Aiven on AWS Marketplace

With Marketplace, AWS customers can deploy Aiven cloud services for Kafka, OpenSearch, and Cassandra with a few clicks. 

Aiven services for Postgres, MySQL, Redis, M3, and Grafana are on their way!

Ready to give AWS Marketplace a try?

Aiven on AWS Outposts

With Outposts, AWS customers can deploy Aiven open source data services  for Kafka, OpenSearch, Postgres, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, and M3 on-premises, as well as in hybrid architectures, with a consistent operating model from on-premises to the cloud. Customers will have the ability to migrate workloads between AWS Outposts and AWS Public Cloud infrastructure without service interruptions at any point. 

AWS customers can benefit from the faster cloud transformations of the existing on-prem workloads via hassle-free migrations with Aiven.


Bring-Your-Own-Account on AWS

Aiven offers customers the ability to leverage Aiven cloud services on their own infrastructure. Customers can simply put their reserved instances to use, or may have unique networking and security requirements that are solved for by provisioning infrastructure they have greater control over. 

This is an option for paying customers, requiring a base set up fee.


"At Comcast, we needed a robust managed Kafka solution for some of our most critical workflows. Based on our evaluation, Aiven clearly offers superior cost, support and performance."

Adam Hertz | VP of Engineering

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