Our Service Commitment

We know you expect high availability from your data infrastructure so we're aiming to have your services always online. If we fail to deliver at least 99.99% availability, you will be automatically compensated according to the terms below. Over the course of 2019, we've achieved 99.997% availability across thousands of clusters and we're working every day to reach more nines.

Aiven Service Level Agreement

Aiven takes great pride in providing highly fault-resilient data software with automatic recovery in case of system failures. Aiven is committed on providing at least 99.99% availability. In the event that Aiven fails to meet that commitment, Aiven shall offer credits as compensation to the Customer.

Amount of Compensation

If an outage is caused by an apparent failure in the Aiven software, users of Startup, Business and Premium plans are provided with free usage credits covering 30 times the outage period. The amount of free usage credits provided in case of an outage may not exceed the amount charged from the customer over the three months preceding the outage. All outage periods and compensation are calculated by Aiven.

Payment of Compensation

The compensation will be in the form of Aiven usage credits and may not be exchanged for cash or other forms of payment.

Sole Remedy

The above-mentioned payment of compensation will be the sole remedy of the Customer for interruptions or other failures in the Services. In case of a disagreement over the amount of the compensation payable to the Customer, Aiven’s decision on the issue will be binding and final.


The following events will be exempt from Aiven’s availability guarantee:

  • Scheduled interruptions

  • Load caused on the systems by client queries or usage

  • Failures or termination of the virtual machines by the cloud providers used by Aiven to implement the service

  • Failures caused by errors in third party software utilized by Aiven to implement the services

  • Failures due to hostile actions by third parties such as denial-of-service attacks

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