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  • Jun 20, 2024

    h3pg now available for Aiven for PostgreSQL

    The h3-pg extension is now available for Aiven for PostgreSQL.

    h3-pg is a PostgreSQL extension that allows efficiently index and analyze geospatial data, including creating heatmaps, performing spatial analyses, and enhancing location-based decision-making for applications and services within the PostgreSQL database.

    For more information, see the h3pg documentation.

  • Jun 19, 2024


    Aiven Console

    PG's Query Statistics replaced by PG AI Performance Insights

    The Query Statistics section for PG services has been removed in favor of the AI insights section.

    This section is powered by Aiven AI Database Optimizer and it tracks slow queries for you and also suggests how to optimize them.

  • Jun 13, 2024


    Aiven for Apache Flink®

    Aiven for Apache Flink version 1.19

    Aiven for Apache Flink now supports Apache Flink version 1.19, enhancing features, performance, and security. To upgrade, create a new service, migrate applications, and decommission the existing service. Detailed upgrade instructions are available in the Upgrade to Aiven for Apache Flink documentation. For a complete list of new features and enhancements, refer to the Apache Flink 1.19 Release notes.

  • Jun 11, 2024

    Karapace version 3.13.1

    Karapace has been upgraded to version 3.13.1 with the following key update:

    • Protobuf rendering: Fixed the boolean lowercase rendering in the java_multiple_files option for Protocol Buffers.

    For a complete list of fixes and detailed information, see the Karapace release notes.

  • Jun 6, 2024


    Aiven Console

    Service overview has been redesigned

    The service overview page has been redesigned and displays service performance metrics. All service-related settings are located on the service settings page.

  • Jun 4, 2024


    Aiven CLI

    Aiven CLI version 4.2.0 now available

    A new minor version of the Aiven CLI is now available, featuring the following updates:

    • Added support for controlling retry behavior in API calls.
    • Corrected the help output for avn service list command.

    For more information, see Aiven CLI release notes.

  • Jun 3, 2024

    OpenSearch® 2.14.0 is now available on Aiven for OpenSearch®

    Aiven for OpenSearch has been updated to version 2.14.0. This update introduces new features and enhancements for both OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards.

    What's new in OpenSearch 2.14.0:

    • Improve search and analytics performance with hybrid search functionality combining neural and lexical search, offering up to 4x performance increases.
    • Gain real-time insights into query performance.
    • Reduce memory footprint for FAISS engine indexes.
    • Query and manage external data sources more efficiently with expanded functionality for multiple data sources.
    • Support resiliency with I/O-based admission control.
    • Boost performance for hybrid search use cases.
    • Accelerate date histogram queries with multi-range traversal, especially benefiting time-series data analysis.
    • Improve search efficiency with tiered caching within the request cache (Experimental).
    • Access multiple data sources with consistent navigation and discovery tools.
    • Filter k-NN results based on maximum distance or vector score.
    • Build search pipelines with index alias support.

    For more details on all the new features and improvements in OpenSearch 2.14.0, see the OpenSearch Release Notes 2.14.0. Apply the service maintenance updates to upgrade to this version. For more information, see Aiven for OpenSearch documentation.

  • May 28, 2024

    Karapace has been upgraded to version 3.13.0

    Karapace has been upgraded to version 3.13.0, featuring various enhancements and bug fixes. The key changes in this release include:

    • Avro/JSONSchema error handling: Fixed the issue where a payload that does not match the schema now returns a 422 error code, providing more precise error feedback.
    • Schema message consumption: Enhanced schema message consumption to process multiple messages during startup, reducing overhead and increasing efficiency. After startup, it now consumes one record at a time to ensure consistent performance.
    • Union type handling: Resolved an issue to correctly handle Avro array and map names in union types, ensuring proper data consistency.

    For a complete list of fixes and detailed information, see the Karapace release notes.

  • May 27, 2024


    Aiven for Caching

    Aiven for Redis®* is now Aiven for Caching

    Aiven for Redis® has been renamed to Aiven for Caching to comply with Redis's new licensing model.

    What's changed:

    • Name update: All references to Aiven for Redis® have been updated to Aiven for Caching.
    • Licensing compliance: The service remains compatible with legacy Redis® OSS, and we will continue to provide updates for it until its end-of-life (EOL).

    What's not changing:

    • Service functionality: Existing services, API endpoints, CLI commands, and other functionalities remain unchanged. No immediate action is required from current customers.

    For more information, see the Aiven for Caching documentation.