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List of available Apache Kafka® Connect connectors

The following connectors can be used in any Aiven for Apache Kafka® services with Apache Kafka Connect enabled.

Source connectors

Source connectors enable the integration of data from an existing technology into an Apache Kafka topic. The following is the list of available source connectors:

Sink connectors

Sink connectors enable the integration of data from an existing Apache Kafka topic to a target technology. The following is the list of available sink connectors:

Preview connectors

Preview icon next to an OpenSearch® Apache Kafka® Connect connector

Some of the available connectors have the tag next to the name. Preview connectors do not come under our SLA, consider this before using them for production purposes. Bugs should be reported to the code owner directly.

Requesting new connectors

If you know about new and interesting connectors you'd like us to support, please open a support request about it to help us shaping the future roadmap. You can request adding support of a new connector by creating a support ticket. We will evaluate the requested connector and might add support for it.

Aiven evaluation process for new Apache Kafka Connect connectors checks:

  • license compatibility
  • technical implementation
  • active repository maintenance

When requesting connectors that are not on the pre-approved list through a support ticket, specify the target Aiven for Apache Kafka service you'd like to have it installed to.

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