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What is Aiven?

Aiven is a next-generation managed cloud service that hosts your software infrastructure services. Our focus is ease of adoption, high fault resilience, customer's peace of mind and advanced features at competetive price points.

Aiven covers relational database requirements with our best-in-class PostgreSQL service and also supports various different types of NoSQL workloads with Redis in-memory database and cache, Elasticsearch full-text search engine and JSON document store, InfluxDB time series database and Grafana data visualization toolkit. A high-throughput Kafka serves messaging needs.

All Aiven services are billed by the hour based on actual usage with no commitments required. Your credit card is billed automatically at the end of each month.

Available in multiple clouds and regions

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
EU (Germany, Ireland)
US (California, Oregon, Virginia)
Australia, Brazil, India
Japan, Korea, Singapore
Google Cloud Platform
EU (Belgium)
US (Iowa, Oregon, South Carolina)
EU (England, Finland, Germany)
US (Illinois)
EU (England, Germany, Netherlands)
US (California, New York)
Canada (Ontario), India, Singapore
Microsoft Azure
Coming soon in various regions
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Our services


Fully managed SQL database with high-availability and automated backups

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Time series database with analytics

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Rich graphing and data visualization tools

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High-performance in-memory database and cache

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Full-text search and analysis in real-time

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High-throughput distributed messaging system

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Payment details

Billed by the hour, based on the pay only for what you use. Monthly bills are automatically charged to your credit card via Stripe.

MasterCard, Visa and American Express are among the supported credit card types.

The final charges will also include VAT for non-business entities within the European union.