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Aiven for MySQL

Fully hosted and managed MySQL. Deploy in the cloud of your choice, and get all the integrations you need in one intuitive cloud data platform.

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How it works

What is Aiven for MySQL?

With Aiven you can get fully managed MySQL up and running in less than 10 minutes — directly from our web console or using our API, CLI, or Terraform. Our stand-by nodes act automatically as read replicas, and you can also create read replicas in different clouds and regions, even building multi-cloud architectures. Our Point-In-Time-Recovery lets you restore your data to any time within your selected retention period.

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Build advanced applications with Aiven for MySQL

Aiven offers the popular and reliable open source relational database MySQL as a fully managed service, deployable in the cloud of your choice. Use it for mission critical apps, dynamic websites, or as an embedded database.

On Aiven’s platform you can connect MySQL to other services with push-button simplicity. Integrate easily with tools like Datadog, Prometheus, AWS CloudWatch, Elasticsearch and more, or with Aiven services for M3, Grafana® and OpenSearch® for enhanced monitoring and logging.

Replicate your data to other regions and clouds for disaster recovery or geo proximity, or build multi-cloud architectures. Even our standard high-availability plans come with 1 or 2 standby nodes, which also act as automatic read replicas.


What is MySQL? (blog)

Aiven for MySQL (docs)

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Benefits of MySQL as-a-service from Aiven

No one wants to spend an entire day getting databases set up or running maintenance checks. Or installing security patches, upgrades, and making sure things don’t break as you scale them.

With Aiven’s hosted and managed MySQL, you can spin up your clusters with a couple of clicks — so you can stop burning hours managing DBs and get back to focusing on your code instead.


Automatic updates and upgrades. Zero stress.

Stressing about applying maintenance updates or version upgrades to your clusters? Do them both in a single click from your Aiven dashboard. With no interruptions or downtime. Ever.


99.99% uptime. 100% human support.

Downtime is a disaster for critical applications. That’s why Aiven makes sure you get 99.99% uptime. Plus, you get access to a 100% human support team — in case you need a helping hand.


Super-transparent pricing. No networking costs.

Aiven for MySQL comes with all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees or charges, just one payment that covers networking to data storage, and everything in-between.


Scale up or down as you need.

Increase your storage, get more clusters, or expand to new regions. MySQL has never been this easy.

Customer use cases

How Aiven customers use MySQL

eCommerce applications

MySQL is one of the most popular transactional engines for eCommerce platforms. It’s extremely useful for managing transactions, customer data and product catalogs. MySQL is also often used in conjunction with other, non-relational databases, including document and key-value stores for syncing order data, and storing non-product data.

Simple web applications and websites

As a simple, lightweight relational database that adheres to ACID principles, MySQL is an ideal choice for many web applications. It is the world’s most widely used open source database, with many skilled developers  using it and a large selection of 3rd party tools available that extend its capabilities.

Educational applications

Educational institutions utilize a wide variety of database applications from e-learning and application assessments to tuition payment processing systems. MySQL is a proven choice, widely used to automate many of the academic and administrative processes. It is also one of the most popular databases used for curricula and by scientists in research institutions.


Key features of Aiven for MySQL



Flexible, fast and stress-free

  • Production-ready MySQL clusters in 10 minutes
  • Deploy to the cloud of your choice with 5 public clouds and 100+ regions available
  • High performance clusters based on carefully selected instance types and storage options
  • Bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) deployment model supported for strict control requirements


Integrate with your data infrastructure

  • Secure network connectivity using VPC peering, PrivateLink or TransitGateway technologies
  • Integrate with your favorite observability tooling — from Datadog to Prometheus, Jolokia, and more — or use Aiven observability tools for enhanced monitoring and logging
  • Create read-replicas to different clouds or regions for disaster recovery or geo-proximity


DevOps-friendly management and development

  • Manage your MySQL cluster using Aiven Console (GUI), CLI or Terraform tools
  • Scale, fork, upgrade, and create replicas with just a few clicks
  • Guaranteed compatibility with open source software
  • Migrate easily between clouds and regions


Reliable, secure and zero lock-in

  • Self-healing platform with 99.99% uptime SLA
  • High availability plans come with 1 or 2 standby nodes, which also act as read replicas
  • Zero downtime during scaling, upgrading, and other management operations
  • Automatic backups with Point-In-Time-Recovery support
  • Secure and compliant solution — ISO 27001:2013, SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI/DSS
  • Option for 24/7 support from a 100% human support team

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Pricing plans

Scale up or down. Pay only for what you use.

Starting at just $0 a month, MySQL prices vary based on the number of nodes and your storage needs. Hourly billing saves you money. Change your plan anytime at no extra cost.

  • Startup

    starting from


    • 1 dedicated VM
    • 2-96 CPU per VM
    • 4-384 GB RAM per VM
    • 80-3000 GB total storage
    • 99.99% uptime SLA


  • Business

    starting from


    • 2 dedicated VM
    • 2-96 CPU per VM
    • 4-384 GB RAM per VM
    • 80-3000 GB total storage
    • Everything in Startup, plus high availability


  • Premium

    starting from


    • 3 dedicated VM
    • 2-96 CPU per VM
    • 4-384 GB RAM per VM
    • 80-3000 GB total storage
    • Everything in Business, plus a second standby node


Need help? Use our Pricing Calculator to get a recommended plan based on your unique data needs and requirements.

Data retention is only limited by storage. For information about annual discount or plan capacity beyond the listed plans, please contact us



Learn how to use Aiven for MySQL

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Aiven Docs

Getting started with Aiven for MySQL, including core concepts, how-to's, and more.