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Aiven CLI

The Aiven command line interface (CLI) lets you use the Aiven platform and services in a scriptable way through the API.

Get started


The avn utility is a Python package that you can install using pip:

pip install aiven-client

You can also use Homebrew to install it:

brew install aiven-client

To check your installation run avn --version.


There are two options for authenticating. The first is to use your email and password:

  1. To log in with your email, run:

    avn user login EMAIL_ADDRESS
  2. When prompted, enter your password.

For increased security, you can use an authentication token by running this command:

avn user login EMAIL_ADDRESS --token


Top-level commands for the Aiven CLI.


Handle the accounts you have access to, and also configure the teams for the accounts.

Find more info on the help article about Accounts, Teams, Members and Roles

View detailed command information.


A set of administrative commands to set up billing groups and manage which projects should be linked to which billing group. Find more information in the User Guide for Billing Groups.

The billing group command also enables access to the credit code features, and detailed invoice line data.


Use avn cloud list to get a list of all available clouds on Aiven. This is useful for looking up the cloud name to use with service commands.

View detailed command information.


Claim or view the history of credit codes.

View detailed command information.


Inspect the events on your account such as the services created/deleted, and which users triggered each event.

View detailed command information.


Detailed help on using the CLI.


Manage the replication flows for Apache Kafka® MirrorMaker 2.

View detailed command information.


Manage all the projects on your Aiven account, and switch which one is the default option for avn commands. Manage project invitations for all users.

Download the CA cert for this project (CA certs are common for all services in a project).

View detailed command information.


View detailed command information.


Create or list tickets. An alternative support ticket interface to either email or the chat widget found on our web console.

View detailed command information.


Log in, log out, and manage your user tokens. You can also create other users.

View detailed command information


Manage your VPC configuration including user/peer networks.

View detailed command information

General usage

Try the --json switch to any command to get more information, in a JSON format.