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Join forces with Aiven to deliver seamless data architecture on our trusted platform, enabling customers to build powerful, data-driven applications.

Featured partners

Amazon Web Services illustration

Cloud platform partner

Deploy Aiven services to all AWS regions, including AWS Outposts servers running in your own data center.

Google Cloud illustration

Cloud platform partner

Deploy Aiven services to all GCP regions, and let users drop data from Kafka right into BigQuery on GCP.

Oracle Cloud illustration

Cloud platform partner

Deploy Aiven services to OCI regions (limited availability). Contact us for more information or access.

Hasura illustration

Technology partner

Hasura gives developers instant GraphQL & REST APIs on new & existing data sources. Connect Hasura to your data & get APIs in under a minute, and use the native integration with Aiven to start small and scale sustainably with Postgres databases and more. illustration

Technology partner

Transform Aiven for Kafka into a streaming analytics platform with Lenses. Lenses provides enterprise-grade governance and access controls, as well as the most mature SQL interface to Kafka on the market (LSQL).

Conduktor illustration

Technology partner

Conduktor is an all-in-one, friendly interface to work with the Apache Kafka ecosystem. Conduktor drives developer productivity by allowing engineers to use and manage Apache Kafka with confidence.

Humanitec illustration

Technology partner

Provides an elegant, open API and a developer-focused UI to master Continuous Delivery for cloud native applications.

Humanitech also helps teams increase development velocity, allowing engineers to easily spin up tech—such as Aiven’s managed databases—across multiple clouds.

DigitalOcean illustration

Cloud platform partner

DigitalOcean simplifies cloud computing so developers and businesses can spend more time building software that changes the world. Aiven and DO partnered in 2019 to bring Managed Databases to market.

UpCloud illustration


UpCloud provides superior cloud hosting for businesses around the world that value a high performance, reliable service, and a personal approach.

Exoscale illustration


Exoscale is the leading Swiss/European cloud service provider focusing on simplicity, scalability, and security in order to let its clients focus on their core business.

OVHcloud illustration


OVHcloud enables businesses of all sizes to accelerate moving to a trusted and GDPR-compliant cloud. Through Aiven, they deliver fully managed services for all major DBMS, both for test and dev and production-grade environments.

Navisite illustration

Resource partner

Navisite provides the people, skills, solutions, global capabilities and public cloud expertise to help businesses successfully navigate the reality of IT change and accelerate IT transformation across every part of the technology stack — from cloud migration and management to infrastructure, enterprise application and data management services.

NucleusTeq illustration

Resource partner

NucleusTeq is a software services, solutions & products company empowering & transforming customers’ businesses through the use of digital technologies such as Big-Data, Analytics (AI, ML), Cloud, Enterprise Automation, Block-chain, Mobility, CRM & ERP.

Data Sleek illustration

Resource partner

Data Sleek is your go-to data consulting and managing partner who can help navigate the complexities of data, develop effective strategies and provide data science, data engineering, data warehousing, and data architecture solutions to maximize your organization’s performance.

IBT logo

Resource partner

IBT elevates your business with a personalised data plan and consulting, simplifying management for practical impact. Our dedicated team tailors a strategy, prioritising accessible solutions and actionable insights to streamline your operations effectively.

Our partnership ecosystem

Cloud platform partners

Like most businesses today, Aiven operates in the cloud, across AWS, GCP, and Azure. These hyperscalers are strategically important to Aiven’s success, as well as other cloud platforms that help meet our customers’ needs, and expand the distribution of our—and their— products on a regional and global scale.

Resource partners

Before leveraging Aiven, our customers might need to first migrate their data from their on-prem environments, require help scoping their overall cloud strategy, or simply need assistance when using our open source products. Aiven offers our customers help from consulting, reseller, and professional service partners whose resources are specialized in our core offerings and more.

Technology partners

Open source technologies such as Apache Kafka and PostgreSQL aren’t used alone. The Aiven platform supports a fast-growing number of service integrations for logging, metrics, data flow, authentication, and user interfaces. Technology Alliance partners should first explore service integration directly from Aiven’s API to get up and running quickly.

OEM partners

OEM partners embed Aiven’s platform technology into their own products to deliver reliable, secure, and scalable cloud services to the market faster. Our partners benefit from Aiven’s expertise in cloud operations and site reliability engineering, so they can focus on their core products — and keep their customers happy.

Become a partner

Benefits of becoming an Aiven Partner

Aiven partners help us provide solutions and services that help our customers in their development and modernization efforts.

  • Support & enablement: Aiven recognizes the value of our partners and we’ll help your team get up to speed with Aiven’s platform and services. You’ll also gain exposure to Aiven’s development roadmap and the future of our advanced, multi-cloud, fully managed services.
  • Go to market and deal flow: Increased visibility with Aiven’s customers from startups to enterprises drives meaningful business relationships that pay dividends down the line with direct customers and Aiven partners alike.

We’re always looking for new partnerships. If you think we can work together, we can’t wait to hear from you.