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One platform for streaming, storing and analyzing data on any cloud.

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What is the Aiven Platform

The Aiven Platform is more than a collection of open source services for streaming, storing and analyzing data. The platform ensures that all services run reliably and securely in the clouds of your choice, are observable, and can easily be integrated with each other and with external 3rd party tools.



Choice of popular open source services to stream, store, and analyze data. Deploy individual services and advanced data pipelines in minutes. Integrate to your existing data sources and sinks with managed connectors.


Management tools

Enjoy unified visibility and management for all of your cloud data infrastructure projects and services. Use our intuitive Aiven Console or the powerful command line interface (CLI), or integrate to your favorite tools with our Terraform provider and Operator for Kubernetes.



A unified platform to manage and govern every aspect of your cloud data infrastructure, including scaling, upgrading, resilience, security and compliance, observability and billing. Integrate the platform once to your devops processes and tools - and use it for all the services.


Cloud deployments

Run your services on any major public cloud platform in 100+ regions with flexible deployment options. You can migrate or replicate your workloads at any time across clouds for latency, cost, disaster recovery or regulatory requirements.


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Third-party integrations

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Security & Network

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Encryption in transit and at rest

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Dedicated virtual machines

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Automated security updates

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VPC Peering

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Identity management

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Option for 24/7 enterprise support

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99,99% uptime

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High availability

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5+ clouds and 100+ regions

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Automated backup


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ISO 27001

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Cloud deployment

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Flexible deployment options

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

As standard, Aiven services are deployed to Aiven managed infrastructure in the cloud and region of your choice. This is the easiest and most convenient way for most customers as Aiven takes care of all cloud compute, storage and networking related configurations and costs.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) makes it possible to deploy Aiven’s managed data services directly to your own AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account. With self-service BYOC automation for AWS you can accelerate your time-to-value by deploying your custom cloud environments significantly faster than with traditional methods.


Benefits of the Aiven Platform

Improving productivity and efficiency with the Aiven Platform

Empower your developers and data teams with the Aiven Platform, a unified platform for open-source data infrastructure management. Streamline operations, boost innovation, and optimize costs with Aiven's fully managed service.

Open choice

With the Aiven Platform you keep your options open now and for the future - our services are open source and run on all major clouds. The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing data sources and DevOps tools for a smooth and unified experience.

Unleash developer productivity

Provide your developers with a unified experience built around the open source data technologies they love. The Aiven Platform empowers developers to focus on innovation while we handle the data infrastructure, accelerating development velocity and driving business growth.

Stay in control

The Aiven Platform streamlines your data infrastructure management, eliminating the complexities of multiple vendors and tools. It provides standardized governance, security, visualization, and overall management, empowering you to focus on innovation while we handle the infrastructure.

Cost optimization

Our fully managed service frees up your resources and minimizes maintenance costs, allowing you to invest in strategic initiatives. With Aiven, you can say goodbye to downtime-related costs and enjoy transparent, predictable pricing for optimal cost control.

Customer stories

How customers value the Aiven Platform


"At Decathlon, service and technology innovation is rooted in our daily activities. It's why we form alliances with strong, multicloud partners like Aiven, providing DBaaS as the technological and operational linchpin of our Cloud Platform Engineering global strategy."

Jérôme Dubreuil

Decathlon Chief Digital Officer


"Being able to use Kubernetes and Terraform is a really good feature at Aiven. We have a better DevOps flow, and configuration errors are history."

Ignacio Evan Daryanto

VP of Engineering at Swift Solutions

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"Aiven’s solutions architecture group fully focused on finding the best solution for us."

Sachin Menon

VP of Data & Marketing

Pricing plans

Scale up or down. Pay only for what you use.

All inclusive pricing so you have no end of the month surprises.
No add-on maintenance, networking and storage fees.


Key features of the Aiven Platform


Choice of integrated open source services

  • 11 popular open source data services for streaming, storing and analyzing data
  • Build integrated data pipelines with a click of a mouse, e.g. stream data from PostgreSQL® to Apache Kafka®, enrich it with Apache Flink® and store results in ClickHouse®
  • Integrate to external data sources and sinks with managed connectors
  • Get access to latest versions of open source technologies, with new innovative features
DevOps-friendly management screenshots of Aiven Console, API & CLI

DevOps-friendly management

  • Simple and intuitive management with Aiven Console
  • Automation via API & CLI
  • Infrastructure As Code support with Terraform
  • Integrate with Kubernetes using Aiven Operator for Kubernetes

Robust and reliable platform

  • Self-healing platform with 99.99% monthly uptime SLA, high-availability and automatic backups
  • Near-zero downtime during scaling, upgrading and other management operations
  • Integrate with your favorite observability tooling — from Datadog to Prometheus, Jolokia, and more — or use Aiven observability tools for enhanced monitoring and logging
  • Option for 24/7 enterprise support

Security and compliance

  • Full end-to-end security, with dedicated virtual machines, encryption of data in transit and in rest, automated security updates, and more
  • Compliant with security and privacy standards such as ISO27001, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR
  • Secure network connectivity using VPC peering, PrivateLink, or TransitGateway technologies
  • Integrate with SAML, AD, Okta or OneLogin for user authentication
Aiven Console screenshot migrate service to another cloud

Flexible cloud deployments

  • Choice of 6 clouds*, with 100+ regions
  • Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment model for cost optimization and strict control requirements
  • Migrate or replicate your workloads easily across clouds for latency, cost, disaster recovery or regulatory requirements.
  • Available from AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure marketplaces

* Oracle Cloud is supported on the Aiven platform as a limited availability feature. For more information, contact us.

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All inclusive pricing so you have no end of the month surprises.
No add-on maintenance, networking and storage fees.