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Accelerate time-to-market, drive efficiency, and build innovative solutions across any cloud with one unified data and AI platform.

Why Aiven

Simplify cloud data infrastructure and mitigate risk

Optimize engineering time and costs with our data and AI platform, which delivers high availability, expert support, and centralized security and governance to meet the demands of your business.

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Deploy on any cloud

Centralize the operation of data services, infrastructure provisioning, and security across multiple clouds to optimize performance and costs. Simplify data management with a common control plane and data model to accelerate development.

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Open choice

Enjoy the freedom of keeping your options open and achieve true data flexibility with open source across all major clouds. Optimize cost and performance while unlocking access to a wider pool of talent with Aiven's open source services.

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Unleash developer innovation

Accelerate growth by enabling developers to focus on new initiatives while we manage your infrastructure. Speed up coding, optimize workloads, reduce issue resolution time, and increase uptime by leveraging Aiven's AI-driven insights.

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Increase business continuity with cross-cloud and cross-region disaster recovery with near-zero downtime during scaling, upgrading and other management operations. High availability with 99.99% monthly uptime SLA, and automatic backups.

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Benefits of Aiven Platform


Multi-cloud solutions

Aiven's capability to deploy to any cloud empowers your organization with:

  • Workload and Cost Optimization: Choose the ideal cloud provider for each task to maximize performance and cost-efficiency. Benefit from competitive pricing across different cloud providers.
  • Risk Mitigation: Distribute data and applications across regions and providers for enhanced business continuity.
  • Streamlined Operations: Manage your data infrastructure on a centralized platform across multiple clouds to reduce complexity and ensure compliance with data residency regulations.

Customer spotlight

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Doccla, a fast-growing healthcare technology startup that has provided 100,000+ virtual wards in the last two years,

“The partnership between Aiven and Google makes things really easy for us. In just a few clicks, we can launch a fully managed and configured cluster Aiven service in the region of our choice. If we need Kafka in Germany, it’s done. Or if we need PostgreSQL in Paris, it’s done.

As we build out our platform to reach more patients in more countries, Aiven will remain a fundamental partner. We get all that capability without the cognitive overload of managing a hugely disparate data estate across Europe.”

Matthew Huxtable

Staff Platform Engineer, Doccla


Priceline, the online travel agency for finding discounted rates and operates in over 200 countries and territories with 400+ airline partnerships and 300,000+ hotels,

"With Aiven, we now have the flexibility to enormously scale to accept new data and new users and ingest everything into the analytics layer. We can get insights into the data in less than two minutes, which has helped us enable a more efficient reporting timeline. With a healthy infrastructure and stable pipeline, and the fully managed platform that Aiven provides, there are fewer production support issues that my team has to look into. It’s just working without surprises."

Sachin Menon

VP of Data & Marketing, Priceline


Helthjem, one of the largest privately owned companies in distribution of online shopping packages, collecting and delivering more than 13 million packages across Norway,

"It’s highly data intensive. And if our capability to process that data goes down, the whole business comes to a halt. We simply cannot afford any downtime. At Helthjem we have a variety of use cases, reflected in a heterogeneous set of queries running in the database. When we face slow performance, we leverage the Aiven AI Database Optimizer to verify which indexes to apply and how to rewrite our SQL. Some of the problematic queries that originally took more than an hour are now executed in a few minutes, providing a 10x performance boost."

Dave Li

Senior Software Engineer

Use cases

Explore more use cases for Aiven Platform on our solutions page.

  • Build AI powered customer service agents to handle large volumes of during peak times.
  • Create personalized customer search and communication experiences to boost sales.
  • Implement real-time streaming to improve operational efficiency in supply chain management.
  • Provide real-time and governed data to your AI.
  • Optimize applications for performance and scalability before releasing them into production.
  • Store Generative AI embeddings alongside your operational data without onboarding new technologies.
  • Optimize your cloud investment by maximizing engineering time with less database maintenance.
  • Improve database performance with a few clicks with Aiven's AI Database Optimizer.
  • Write performant code faster by receiving index and SQL query rewrite suggestions.

Try the Aiven Platform

Quick and easy

Free plan available with Aiven for PostgreSQL, Aiven for Valkey, and Aiven for MySQL.

Free 30-day trial available to try all our services! Includes:

  • $300 credit
  • Unrestricted access to Aiven services

If you continue using Aiven after your 30-day trial, you only pay for what you use. There are no hidden charges. You can shut it down, spin up clusters, add services, or change cloud providers at the click of a button. Try it now!


How does it all work together

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