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May 9, 2024

Fast and Flexible, Self-Service Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) for AWS now Generally Available

Easily set up and run Aiven services in your own AWS account with simplified migrations and expanded flexibility.

Jeremy Heller

Jeremy Heller

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Aiven’s self-service Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) migration workflow for AWS is generally available. Any AWS user can use their own AWS cloud infrastructure and account instead of Aiven’s to run Aiven services while owning the migration process and timeline.

What is Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)?

BYOC unlocks the ability to leverage innovative, cloud-native data platforms from specialized third-party partners while optimizing your cloud economics. Engineers can leverage cutting-edge database, data streaming, and analytics technology deployed seamlessly across your chosen cloud infrastructure. At the same time, IT leaders can meet cloud consumption commitments and reduce TCO through discounted pricing models from their cloud providers. You get the best of both worlds - accelerated innovation from an expert partner combined with optimized cloud spend and operational efficiencies delivered by a fully managed data platform.

For example, if you have a specific database running with a third party, with BYOC, you can bring that exact database into your own cloud account and still have the third party manage it, just as before.

Also, when considering data infrastructure spanning multiple clouds, the BYOC model can help accelerate an organization to innovate while meeting compliance requirements. Aiven’s data and AI platform BYOC capability lets you leverage the full platform’s ability to have centralized compliance and governance and use its open-source backed technology, all with your choice of cloud provider.

Aiven BYOC and AWS

When using Aiven’s BYOC for AWS model, a secure environment is created within the user’s cloud account, with secure Aiven access established through a bastion host and a proxy. This provides builders with more control over infrastructure and networking configurations. With this capability, everyone can have more control over their data, burn down consumption commitments, and further reduce their cloud spend by applying savings plans and reserved instances. Organizations can now start enjoying these benefits of BYOC in under 1 hour, accelerating time to value.

Once the BYOC environment is created, users can start deploying Aiven services in the BYOC model immediately. Organizations using BYOC with Aiven enjoy the benefits of Aiven’s developer-friendly service, such as 24x7 monitoring and alerting, proactive maintenance and upgrades, and 99.99% availability SLA.

With the GA release of self-service BYOC on AWS, we’re also introducing support for dynamic disk scaling (DDS), custom service plans, and new migration capabilities from other clouds to Aiven BYOC.


Dynamic Disk Sizing available for BYOC on AWS

Dynamic disk sizing is now available to AWS BYOC users on the Aiven Platform. When your application is very data-heavy, you may want to scale your disk size without scaling your compute resources. That’s where Dynamic Disk Sizing (DDS) comes in. You can add up to 5 times your plan’s default disk storage, with pricing displayed in the Aiven Console. This includes increased backup storage for the new disk size.

Pricing & Custom Plans

The BYOC model pricing has two components: infrastructure and Aiven service management. Organizations pay AWS directly for the infrastructure to maintain the BYOC environment and for the infrastructure services used to run their Aiven data services, like Aiven for Apache Kafka® or Aiven for PostgreSQL®. Aiven is paid a monthly management fee for every actively used data service, priced per hour.

Custom service plans can be leveraged for BYOC deployment. Aiven can tailor the standard service plan configurations to fit your exact needs, such as OpenSearch or Kafka clusters with huge CPU and memory demands. The amount of storage, the frequency and number of backups, the number of nodes, and the CPU & RAM configurations are all customizable variables. Read more about them in the Aiven Docs.

To start using the self-service BYOC model for AWS, or to learn more about our services, book a demo! You can also check out the Bring Your Own Cloud page or the Aiven Console.

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