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Nov 27, 2023

Accelerate time-to-value with Aiven’s self-service Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) automation for AWS

Complex and lengthy infrastructure setup processes no longer a blocker for Application Developers.

Bob Krygowski

Bob Krygowski

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Product Director, Platform

Mikko Röntynen, Director of Product Marketing

Mikko Röntynen

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Director of Product Marketing

A substantial proportion of Aiven’s customers deploy Aiven services in AWS regions around the globe. We have heard from developers in these customers that building enterprise applications on AWS can be time consuming and complex, and that they want to devote more of their effort to focusing on innovation, and less to infrastructure configuration, deployment, and management.

Many of these developers chose to exploit open source data infrastructure technologies to build the data layers of their applications. Managed open source services, such as those provided by the Aiven Platform, are a popular choice because they provide deployment flexibility, minimizing dependency on a single vendor, and remove the software acquisition and maintenance costs associated with many proprietary software technologies, leading to a reduction in overall costs.

BYOC has become an increasingly popular option for many customers who are considering managed open source services. This has been driven by customers' need to maintain the infrastructure governance and data sovereignty strategies they have established when partnering with cloud providers like AWS, and to consume the multi-year purchase commitments they have entered into in order to manage costs. For customers, it’s all about flexibility, but that flexibility has previously come at a cost, with some BYOC options requiring developers to spend up to 4 weeks planning the configuration, deployment, and management of a custom environment to manage their data services.

With Aiven’s new self-service BYOC automation for AWS, enterprise developers can use self-service technology to establish the custom cloud infrastructure framework required to run managed Aiven data services in their AWS environment. The automated configuration and deployment process typically takes less than an hour to complete and is 99% faster than previous method of building a custom cloud infrastructure framework, reducing cycle times and freeing up developers’ time to focus on innovation

A custom cloud for your data

Customers will access the self-service BYOC workflow through the Aiven management console. After providing a few configuration variables, including the AWS region you wish to run Aiven services, your desired network range, and an AWS Role ARN you create using an Aiven-provided Terraform script, the BYOC automation will build and deploy a custom cloud environment to run Aiven services in your AWS account. Once complete, customers are ready to deploy Aiven managed data services into their custom cloud environment.

Of course, Aiven customers operating in a BYOC model will enjoy the benefits of Aiven’s developer-friendly tools, such as 24x7 monitoring and alerting, proactive maintenance and upgrades, and 99.99% availability SLA.

Cost savings of up to 35%

Aiven’s BYOC model enables customers who have volume purchase commitments with cloud providers like AWS, to use the cost of the infrastructure required by Aiven’s services to offset, or consume, their purchase commitment at an accelerated rate using their negotiated discounts. Aiven’s customers running in a BYOC model today report an average savings of 35% vs Aiven’s standard model. Your cost savings may vary based on your negotiated discounts with your cloud provider.

Pricing and availability

Aiven’s self-service BYOC for AWS automation is now in Early Availability for qualified customers in any AWS region supported by Aiven. An Aiven account manager can help you determine whether BYOC is right for your organization.

In a BYOC model, Aiven service pricing has two components: infrastructure and managed services. Customers pay AWS directly for the infrastructure services used to run their custom cloud and Aiven data services deployed, like Aiven for Apache Kafka® or Aiven for PostgreSQL®. Customers pay Aiven directly for the monthly managed services fee for each data service purchased and actively consumed. Each Aiven managed data service is priced per hour.

How to get started

To gain access to the self-service BYOC automation for AWS, or to learn more about Aiven services, contact Aiven through an account manager, or from the Bring Your Own Cloud page in the Aiven console.

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