Jun 28, 2023

Aiven Responsibility Matrix

When running services on Aiven, you can expect world leading automation and cutting edge self-healing architecture for cloud native infrastructure. Aiven also provides an exceptional support team plus an experienced account team (Customer Success Manager & Solution Architect) to assist with additional complexity and customer specific requirements when running on the Aiven platform. Review the following matrix to ensure your workloads and teams are set up for success.

* Aiven support tiers give developers and DevOps teams access to the resources they need to be successful. Access to Aiven can span from dedicated attention for onboarding, to access to contributors of open source projects, e.g. Apache Kafka. Aiven offers four tiers of support – Basic, Priority, Business and Enterprise. These tiers give varying access to the Aiven support team and Aiven account teams. Details for these tiers are outlined below.

☨ The Aiven account teams participate in troubleshooting to the extent that the issue involves understanding and optimization of Aiven services or the platform. We want to ensure that customers are able to get the most out of open source and Aiven’s value add. To this end the Aiven account team is not able to provide troubleshooting services or professional services for customer code or application implementation although we can give hints and tips of where to look.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

For more in-depth details, please hover over the dotted lines indicated in the responsibility column. A tooltip will appear providing additional description of the responsibility.


The Aiven support team is composed of developers and open source database experts and is your first line of defense for availability and responsiveness of the Aiven platform.Their goals are mitigation, containment and stability and they will resolve any issues in a timely manner.

The Aiven account teams are composed of cloud native industry experts with experience running infrastructure at scale in complex multi-region/cloud environments. These teams work with you on ensuring stability, value and optimization of the Aiven platform and the open source databases Aiven offers.

Depending on your support tier, you will have access to an account team on regular and/or ad hoc cadences and the ability to take advantage of the expertise of the account team. Please bear in mind that the services below are combined with the support features above for the same tier.