Aiven integrations and connectors

Need monitoring? Orchestration? Data integration? We offer the connectors you need to quickly integrate Aiven services with your existing infra.

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Monitor your data infrastructure with the tools of your choice

Aiven takes care of your services’ health automatically and sends out alerts well before your services reach their limit. If you want to monitor your services more closely, you can conveniently export logs and metrics through 3rd party integrations or build your own monitoring solution with Aiven.


Integrating these metrics will help you control your services and make sure there are no peaks in consumption (disk, RAM, network).

Aiven solutions

Build your own monitoring solution with Aiven tools to gather and analyze metrics with our pre-built Grafana dashboard.

External integrations

Have an existing monitoring stack already? Export your metrics through 3rd party integrations.


Aiven for Grafana® dashboard

Set up a Grafana service with ready-made dashboards for the services you’re monitoring. You can also monitor the performance of your Aiven tools - use Aiven for M3 or PostgreSQL as a time series backend and enjoy the prebuilt and customizable grafana dashboards.


Improve your service visibility and control your messages by monitoring logs. Automatically flag issues before they become a serious problem.

Aiven solutions

Use Aiven solutions to gain more insight and control over your logs.

External integrations

Send your service logs to other clouds for processing.

Datadog logs illustration

Use the Aiven Rsyslog integration to send the logs from your Aiven services to Datadog


Send logs and metrics to Datadog

Add Aiven services to your Datadog dashboard to keep an all-seeing eye on your whole cloud estate in one place. Depending on what you need, you can add custom tags to specific services or resources to filter them later.

Watch a video on how to integrate your Aiven services with Datadog

Expand your Apache Kafka ecosystem

Extend the Aiven for Apache Kafka® ecosystem with open source tooling to solve your streaming integration, replication and transformation problems.

30+ Kafka Connectors

Connect to all your data sources with our Apache Kafka® connectors.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out the full list of Aiven's Apache Kafka® connectors.


Use your own connector with Aiven for Apache Kafka®

If the connector you need is not on the list, you can always create a self-managed Apache Kafka® Connect cluster and connect it to Aiven for Apache Kafka®.

Tools to use with Aiven for Apache Kafka®

Check out the full list of Aiven for Apache Kafka® tools.

Karapace illustration

Add schema management and REST API interface to your Apache Kafka


An open source data governance toolkit for Apache Kafka® Topic and schema governance for enterprises



Karapace is an open source implementation of Kafka REST and Schema Registry. Karapace enables you to produce and consume messages, and manage your Kafka cluster via REST APIs. With Karapace Schema registry, you can create, manage and evolve message schemas.

Expand your ClickHouse® ecosystem

Make the most of your data solutions by extending them with Aiven for ClickHouse® for fast analytics and effective, efficient storage.

Aiven for Apache Kafka® logo

Connect your Apache Kafka cluster with ClickHouse’s performant data warehouse to consume streams of events in real time, store them durably, and run fast analytical queries on large datasets. Alternatively, you can produce data from ClickHouse to Apache Kafka at need.

Aiven for PostgreSQL® logo

Connect your Aiven for ClickHouse service with a PostgreSQL database to handle large volumes of data, process analytical queries faster, and collect data reports from ClickHouse to PostgreSQL.

Terraform logo


Aiven’s Terraform provider enables you to seamlessly integrate your Aiven services into your existing workflows.

70 + PostgreSQL® extensions

Aiven’s fully managed service makes PostgreSQL® even more powerful by giving you access to a range of 70+ extensions that can enhance your processes and add an extra feature set to your service.

Afraid to lose your DBA’s superpowers?

We offer aiven_extras, an extension developed and maintained by Aiven, enabling the database administrator to perform superuser-like functionalities.