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Manage OpenSearch® log integration

Aiven provides a service integration that allows you to send your logs from several services, such as Aiven for Apache Kafka®, PostgreSQL®, Apache Cassandra®, OpenSearch®, Caching, and Grafana®, to Aiven for OpenSearch®. Making it possible for you to use OpenSearch to gain more insight and control over your logs.


Check a short video tutorial for an end-to-end example of how to enable your Aiven for OpenSearch® log integration.

Enable log integration

Enable logs integration to send your service's logs to your Aiven for OpenSearch® from another Aiven service:

  1. Log in to the Aiven Console, and select the Aiven for OpenSearch service for which to enable log integration.

  2. Select Logs from the left sidebar, and select Enable logs integration.

  3. Select an existing OpenSearch instance or create one, then select Continue.

    • When creating a new service you will need to select the cloud, region and plan to use. You should also give your service a name. The service overview page shows the nodes rebuilding, and indicates when they are ready.
    • If you're already using OpenSearch on Aiven, you can use your running OpenSearch service as a destination for your metrics data. If you are a member of more than one Aiven project with operator or admin access rights, you need to choose the project first then your target OpenSearch service.
  4. Configure your index prefix and index retention limit parameters, then select Enable.


To effectively disable the index retention limit, you can set it to the maximum value which is 10000 days.

Your Aiven service is now sending logs to your OpenSearch service which you can explore further.

Configure log integration

There are two parameters that you can adjust when integrating logs to your OpenSearch service:

  • index prefix, specifies the prefix part of the index name
  • index retention limit, number of days to preserve the daily indexes

The service's logs are sent from the selected service to your OpenSearch cluster. When the index retention limit is reached, those indexes are deleted from the OpenSearch cluster.

You can change the configuration of the index prefix and index retention limit after the integration is enabled.

  1. Log in to the Aiven Console, and select the Aiven for OpenSearch service.
  2. Click Integrations on the sidebar.
  3. Identify the service to configure in the Integrations page.
  4. Click Actions > Edit.
  5. After making the changes, click Edit again to save them.

Disable logs integration

If you no longer wish to send logs from your service to OpenSearch, follow these steps to disable the integration:

  1. In your Aiven for OpenSearch service, go to the Integrations screen and locate the service to modify.
  2. Click Actions > Disconnect.
  3. In the confirmation window, click Disconnect again to confirm and save the changes.

Your log integration for OpenSearch will be disabled.