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Send logs to Datadog

Use the Aiven Rsyslog integration to send the logs from your Aiven services to Datadog.

Before you begin, ensure you know:

  • The region of your Datadog account.
  • Your Datadog API key. Generate an API key for your Datadog account in the Organization settings, and click API Keys > New Key. Make sure to copy this key.
  • An Aiven account with a project set up. You'll need the name of the project.

Configure the integration

Start by configuring the link between Aiven and Datadog for logs. This setup only needs to be done once.

  1. Log in to the Aiven Console, and select Integration endpoints from the left sidebar in the project page.

  2. Select Syslog from the list in the Integration endpoints screen, and select Add new endpoint.

  3. Configure the settings for the new endpoint:

    • Endpoint name is how you will refer to this logs integration when linking it to other Aiven services
    • Server and Port (leave TLS enabled):
      • For region USA use and 10516
      • For region EU use and 443
    • Format set to custom.
  4. Configure the Log Template field. You will need to replace the following values:

    DATADOG_API_KEYFrom your Datadog account settings
    AIVEN_PROJECT_NAMEFound in the web console

This is the format to use, replacing the variables listed. Don't edit the values surrounded by % signs, such as %msg% as these are used in constructing the log line:

DATADOG_API_KEY <%pri%>1 %timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME%.AIVEN_PROJECT_NAME %app-name% - - - %msg%

An example of the correct format, using an example API key and my_project as the project name:

01234567890123456789abcdefabcdef <%pri%>1 %timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME%.my_project %app-name% - - - %msg%


Metrics and logs are correlated in Datadog by hostname. The metrics integration is currently configured to append the project name to the hostname to disambiguate between services that have the same name in different projects. Adding the project name to the hostname in the syslog integration to Datadog assures that they can be correlated again in the Datadog dashboard. Not doing so will not result in missing logs, but the logs that appear in Datadog will miss tags that come from this correlation with the metrics. See the Datadog documentation.

  1. Select Create to save the endpoint.

Send logs from an Aiven service to Datadog

To send logs to Datadog:

  1. On the Overview page of your service, select Integrations from the sidebar, and select the Rsyslog option.

    Screenshot of system integrations including rsyslog

  2. Pick the log integration you created earlier from the dropdown and choose Enable.

  3. Visit Datadog and look under "Logs" to see the data flowing within a few minutes.