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Send logs to Datadog

Use the Aiven Rsyslog integration to send logs from your Aiven services to your external Datadog account.


  • A Datadog API key
  • A running Aiven service

Add a Syslog integration endpoint

You can use this integration endpoint for multiple services.

  1. In the project, click Integration endpoints.

  2. Select Syslog > Create new or Add new endpoint.

  3. Enter an Endpoint name.

  4. Configure the Server:

    • For the US region enter
    • For the EU region use
  5. Configure the Port:

    • For the US region enter 10516.
    • For the EU region enter 443.
  6. Enable TLS.

  7. Set the Format to custom.

  8. To configure the Log Template, enter:

    DATADOG_API_KEY <%pri%>1 %timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME%.AIVEN_PROJECT_NAME %app-name% - - - %msg%


    • DATADOG_API_KEY is your Datadog API key.

    • AIVEN_PROJECT_NAME is the name of the project your service is in.


      Datadog correlates metrics and logs by hostname. The integration appends the project name to the hostname to disambiguate between services with the same name in different projects. However, without the project name no log data is lost.

    Don't edit the values surrounded by %, such as %msg%, as these are used in constructing the log line.

    For example:

    01234567890123456789abcdefabcdef <%pri%>1 %timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME%.example-project %app-name% - - - %msg%
  9. Click Create.

Send logs from an Aiven service to Datadog

  1. In the service, click Integrations.
  2. In the Endpoint integrations select Rsyslog.
  3. Select the integration endpoint you created and click Enable.