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Send metrics to Datadog

Send metrics from your Aiven service to your Datadog account.

Prepare your Datadog account

Before you begin, ensure you know:

  • The region of your Datadog account.
  • Your Datadog API key. Generate an API key for your Datadog account in the Organization settings, and click API Keys > New Key. Make sure to copy this key.

Configure the service integration endpoint

This section needs to be completed only once for each Datadog account you intend to use. Afterward, multiple services can use this service integration endpoint.

  1. Log in to the Aiven Console.

  2. In your project, click Integration endpoints.

  3. Select Datadog > Add new endpoint or Create new.

  4. Configure the endpoint by providing a name for this integration and entering the API key you copied earlier. Ensure that the correct region is selected.

  5. Optionally, include additional tags that will be used when sending metrics to Datadog. Refer to Add custom tags Datadog integration to learn more about adding tags to the Datadog integration. You can always add or edit tags later.

  6. Select Add endpoint to save this configuration.

Add Datadog metrics integration to your Aiven service

To enable the Datadog metrics integration for each service that requires metric tracking in Datadog, follow these steps:

  1. In the Aiven Console, select your service.

  2. From the Overview page of your service, scroll to Service integrations and select Manage integrations.

  3. In the Integrations screen, select Datadog Metrics.

  4. Select the Datadog endpoint to use from the drop-down list and select Enable.


    If you're using Aiven for Apache Kafka® you can also customise the metrics sent to Datadog.

  5. Return to your Datadog dashboard and after a few minutes, you should see the data start to arrive from your Aiven services.