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Datadog and Aiven

Datadog is a monitoring platform, allowing you to keep an eye on all aspects of your cloud estate. Aiven has integrations that make it easy to include an Aiven service in your Datadog dashboards.

Datadog for metrics

You can send the metrics from any or all of your Aiven services to Datadog. The integration also supports adding tags to the data, either for all metrics, or on a per-service basis.

Find out how to send your Aiven service metrics to Datadog.


If you're using Aiven for Apache Kafka® you can also customise the metrics sent to Datadog.

Datadog for logs

The RSyslog integration can be used with any Aiven service to send the service logs to Datadog. We have a handy guide to show you how to ship logs to Datadog from your Aiven service