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Aiven for Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka as a fully managed service, deployed in the cloud of your choice and a full set of capabilities to build your streaming data pipelines.

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Fully managed Apache Kafka as a service by Aiven


What is Apache Kafka like with Aiven?

Set up a fully managed Kafka as a service in less than 10 minutes — directly from our web console or programmatically via our API, CLI, Terraform provider or Kubernetes operator. Easily connect it to your existing tech stack with over 30+ connectors. Feel confident in your setup with logs and metrics available out of the box via multiple service integrations.

LogsMetricsData governance tool forApache Kafka topic managementSchema Registry& Rest APIAiven for Apache Flink®Streaming SQL engine for statefulstream processingAiven for Apache Kafka® MirrorMaker 2Data replication service for cluster to cluster data replicationAiven for Apache Kafka®ConnectIntegrate existingsource connectorsAiven for Apache Kafka®ConnectIntegrate existingsink connectorsAiven for Apache Kafka®Core event streamingframework

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Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect

Connect data sources and sinks with Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect, a fully managed service

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Aiven for Apache Kafka® named G2 Momentum Leader

Aiven for Apache Kafka® leads with an impressive 71% Momentum score on top of:


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all streaming services


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Aiven for Apache Kafka®


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Benefits of Aiven for Apache Kafka as-a-service

Set up clusters, deploy new nodes, migrate clouds and upgrade existing versions with Aiven’s managed Apache Kafka as a service. It takes just a few clicks before you can start monitoring through a simple dashboard.

Focus on creating and implementing applications, without the worry of managing and maintaining Apache Kafka yourself.

Apache Kafka as a service with automatic updates and upgrades

Automatic updates and upgrades. Zero stress.

Stressing about applying maintenance updates or version upgrades to your clusters? Manage them both with a few clicks from your Aiven dashboard. Enjoy near-zero interruptions or downtime.

Hosted Apache Kafka with 99.99% uptime

99.99% uptime. 100% human support.

Downtime is a disaster for critical applications. That’s why Aiven makes sure you get 99.99% uptime. Plus, you get access to a 100% human support team — in case you need a helping hand.

Apache Kafka service with transparent pricing

Super-transparent pricing. No networking costs.

Aiven’s managed service for Apache Kafka comes with all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees or charges, just one payment that covers networking to data storage, and everything in-between.


Scale up or scale down as you need.

Increase your storage, get more nodes, create new clusters or expand to new regions. Apache Kafka has never been this easy.

Customer stories

How our customers use Apache Kafka

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"Aiven’s solutions architecture group fully focused on finding the best solution for us."

Sachin Menon

VP of Data & Marketing

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"We were able to deliver databases in the cloud and set the entire transformation process within 2-3 months."

Julien Charlot

Head of Databases

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"We’re really, really happy with the approach that we took and that we chose Aiven as the provider."

Nicolas Chiu

Lead Software Developer


Key features of Aiven for Apache Kafka

Flexible, fast and stress-free

Set up

Flexible, fast and stress-free

  • Production-ready, hosted Apache Kafka clusters in 10 minutes
  • Deploy to the cloud of your choice – five public clouds and 100+ regions supported
  • All plans come with a minimum of three dedicated virtual machines for high availability and enhanced resilience
  • Bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) deployment model supported for strict control requirements
Integrate with your data infrastructure


Integrate with your data infrastructure

  • Integrate with your authentication solution using SAML or Google OAuth
  • Connect to external data sources with Aiven’s fully managed Kafka Connect service and 30+ built-in connectors
  • Replicate Kafka clusters for disaster recovery or geographical proximity purposes with managed Aiven for Apache Kafka MirrorMaker 2 service
  • Secure network connectivity using VPC peering, PrivateLink or TransitGateway
  • Integrate with your favorite observability tooling including Datadog, Prometheus, Jolokia and more. Or use Aiven observability tools for enhanced monitoring and logging
  • Store your schemas in a central repository with, an open-source Rest API and Schema Registry for Apache Kafka
Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect

Connect data sources and sinks with Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect, a fully managed service

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DevOps-friendly management and development


DevOps-friendly management and development

  • Manage your Kafka clusters through the Aiven Console (GUI), CLI, Terraform or Kubernetes tools
  • Manage users and access control lists (ACL) and inspect Kafka topics easily
  • Use your preferred Kafka UI tool, e.g. Klaw, Conduktor, Kafdrop or kcat
  • Guaranteed compatibility with open source Apache Kafka
  • Migrate easily between clouds and regions
Reliable, secure and zero lock-in


Reliable, secure and zero lock-in

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Pricing plans

Enjoy high availability even with the smallest plan

All-inclusive Kafka pricing so you never get end of the month surprises. No add-on maintenance, networking or storage fees. Private networking (VPC), high availability, multi-AZ and single-tenant, dedicated clusters with each virtual machine placed in a different availability zone. Scale up or down when needed and only pay for what you use with hosted Apache Kafka from Aiven.

  • Startup

    starting from


    • 3 dedicated VMs
    • 2 CPU per VM
    • 2 GB RAM per VM
    • 90 GB total cluster storage


  • Business

    starting from


    • 3 dedicated VMs
    • 2-8 CPU per VM
    • 4-32 GB RAM per VM
    • 600-4500 GB total cluster storage
    • Everything in Startup, plus support for Kafka Connect in the same cluster


  • Premium

    starting from


    • 6-30 dedicated VMs
    • 2-8 CPU per VM
    • 8-32 GB RAM per VM
    • 2250-45000 GB total cluster storage
    • Everything in Business, plus more compute and storage capacity


Need help? Use our Kafka plan finder tool to get a recommended Kafka® plan based on your unique data needs and requirements.

Data retention is only limited by storage. For information about annual discount or plan capacity beyond the listed plans, please contact us


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