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Get started with Aiven for Apache Flink®

Begin your experience with Aiven for Apache Flink® by setting up a service, configuring data integrations, and building streaming applications.


Create a service

Configure data service integrations

Aiven for Apache Flink® streamlines data processing by enabling integration with various services. Currently, it supports integration with:

  • Aiven for Apache Kafka® and external Apache Kafka clusters
  • Aiven for PostgreSQL®
  • Aiven for OpenSearch®
  • Google BigQuery®

Integration steps

  1. Log in to Aiven Console and access your Aiven for Apache Flink service.
  2. On the Overview page, scroll to Data pipeline.
  3. Click Add data source.
  4. Choose the service you wish to integrate.
  5. Click Integrate.

For detailed integration steps with specific services, see the Integrate service.

An Aiven for Apache Flink® application act as containers that encapsulate all aspects of a Flink job. This includes data source and sink connections, as well as the data processing logic.

Application types

  • SQL applications: These applications are ideal for executing SQL queries. The Aiven Console guides you through selecting source and sink tables, and setting up the SQL queries to process your data. To learn how to create SQL applications, see Create an SQL application.
  • JAR applications:These applications allow you to deploy custom functionalities. The Aiven Console enables you to upload and manage your JAR files and execute custom Flink jobs that go beyond the standard SQL capabilities. To learn how to create JAR applications, see Create a JAR application.

Next steps