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Aiven API

Use the Aiven API to programmatically access and automate tasks in the Aiven platform.

Common use cases for the Aiven API:

  • Use with continuous integration to create services during test runs.
  • Integrate with other parts of your existing automation setup to complete complex tasks.
  • Deploy and tear down development or demo platforms on a schedule.
  • Scale your disks based on specific events.

Get started

Use the Postman workspace to try the Aiven API.

  1. Create an authentication token.

  2. Fork the Postman collection and environment.

    Run In Postman
  3. Insert the token in the authToken in the Postman environment.

  4. See the API documentation.

  5. Send your requests via Postman.

API examples

List your projects

curl -H "Authorization: aivenv1 TOKEN"

Where TOKEN is your authentication token.

List cloud regions


This endpoint does not require authorization. If you aren't authenticated, it returns the standard set of cloud regions.