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Before creating an Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect service, ensure that you have existing Aiven for Apache Kafka® services set up in your project. If your project does not have any Aiven for Apache Kafka services, you must create one by following the instructions in the create new service guide.

Create a dedicated Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect service

To create an Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect dedicated service:

  1. Log into Aiven Console and select the Aiven for Apache Kafka service for which you want to create a dedicated Aiven for Apache Kafka Connect service.

  2. Select Connectors from left sidebar and select Integrate standalone service.

  3. Enter a name for your service. A random name is provided by default, but you can enter a more recognizable name to distinguish it from other services.

  4. Select the cloud provider and region on which you want to run your service.


    The pricing for the same service may vary between different providers and regions. The service summary on the right side of the console shows you the pricing for your selected options.

  5. Select a service plan. This defines how many servers and what kind of memory, CPU, and disk resources are allocated to your service.

  6. Select Create and enable under the summary in the console.

At the top of the screen, you will notice the Apache Kafka Connect integration. Selecting the service name will take you to the Service Overview page to monitor the service status. Before using it, it's important to wait until the service status changes from REBUILDING to RUNNING on this page.

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