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Enter your data requirements and we'll find the Kafka® plans that best meet your needs. Our suggestions are intended as a starting point; if you need more, or less, you can always upgrade or downgrade later - with zero downtime.

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Suggested plans

PlanDedicated VMsCPUs/VMRAM/VM (GB)Total storage (GB)Est. monthly starting price
Business-4 31-24600$500Start free trial
Business-8 32-47-81200$1000Start free trial
Business-16 34-814-162400$1900Start free trial
Business-32 38-1628-324500$3700Start free trial
Premium-6x-8 62-47-82250$1900Contact sales
Premium-6x-16 64-814-164500$3700Contact sales
Premium-6x-32 68-1628-329000$7200Contact sales
Premium-9x-8 92-47-83375$2800Contact sales
Premium-9x-16 94-814-166750$5400Contact sales
Premium-9x-32 98-1628-3213500$10500Contact sales
Premium-15x-8 152-47-85625$4500Contact sales
Premium-15x-16 154-814-1611250$8500Contact sales
Premium-15x-32 158-1628-3222500$16600Contact sales
Premium-30x-8 302-47-811250$9000Contact sales
Premium-30x-16 304-814-1622500$17100Contact sales
Premium-30x-32 308-1628-3245000$33300Contact sales
CustomAnnual commitments are eligible for a discount. Custom plans available, contact sales

* Requires dynamic disk at additional charge, contact sales for more information

This service provides a rough guide to suitable Aiven for Apache Kafka® plans that fit your provided requirements.
We do not recommend individual plans, nor do we guarantee that the plans suggested will meet your requirements.
Data retention is only limited by storage. For a more personalized and accurate estimate contact sales.