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Our roots are in the open source communities

Among our founders and early engineers you will find contributors to open source projects from the big names such as PostgreSQL down to small utility projects and much more besides.

As a company we publish and maintain community projects such as PGHoard and Karapace, as well as being part of contributor and maintainer teams far beyond our own GitHub org. We believe that open source delivers the best technology to the industry and we are proud to play our part in the movement.

"One important part of open source is perhaps not only the code itself but also sharing information and what kind of business problems it helps to solve"

Heikki Nousiainen, CTO

Aiven Open Source Projects


PGHoard is a python-based backup daemon and restore tooling for PostgreSQL. It uses cloud object stores to store the backup data. We use this tool in our own setup and it is also relied upon by others.

PGHoard on GitHub

We also have a sister project to PGHoard called MyHoard which offers similar functionality for MySQL.


Another tool from our toolbox for managing PostgreSQL at scale, PGLookout is a daemon for PostgreSQL replication monitoring and failover. It monitors (potentially many) PostgreSQL nodes' replication status and reacts to changes.

PGLookout on GitHub


Karapace is the companion to Apache Kafka, offering some excellent add-ons to give your Kafka even more powerful features. Included in the box: a Kafka Rest Proxy (both client and server side), and schema storage and registry functionality.

Karapace on the web

Karapace on GitHub

Kafka Connectors

Even the best Kafka on the planet isn't much use if you can't get data into and out of it! Kafka Connectors provide exactly this facility and as Kafka experts we maintain quite a few. We use these ourselves and are happy if they help you too.

Aiven-made storage connectors:

Kafka Connect for Amazon S3 (sink connector)

Kafka Connect for Google Cloud Storage (sink connector)

Maintained open source forks:

Kafka Connect for JDBC(source and sink)

Kafka Connect for ElasticSearch(sink)

Terraform Provider for Aiven

We know that many teams are using the Aiven platform with terraform, so this handy provider allows you to manage all your Aiven resources this way. We encourage you to give it a try and let us know how it fits your needs, we're always working to improve the tools you use to integrate with our platform.

Aiven Provider on the Terraform Registry

Terraform Provider for Aiven on GitHub

Developer Tooling and Integrations

Beyond our flagship projects, we also have a comprehensive API and some fun building blocks on top of that, including a CLI tool and an SDK for Go. You can even find sets of examples on our GitHub org that we hope will help you get started quickly with the technology and database of your choice.

Aiven API Docs

Aiven CLI on GitHub

Go SDK on GitHub

Aiven example code snippets on GitHub

Open Source Contributor Spotlight

Roman Inflianskas rominf 

Roman is a Software Engineer at Aiven with a strong open source background, in fact GitHub is where we recruited him from! He has made contributions to SaltStack and KDE, and is active with a programming language called Nim. Nim has a python-like syntax, compiles to static binaries, and has great performance BUT when Roman first used it, he found it was missing some key features such as symlink support.... so he added those while he was there.

Roman says "I try to benefit society in the best way I can, and since my main skill is coding, I use that to help others in my spare time".

Lorna Mitchell  lornajane 

Lorna works in our Developer Advocacy team, and says "I learned so much more working on open source than I did in my day jobs, especially in the early days of working in web agencies, but I still learn a lot in the open today".

Lorna is an active public speaker and uses rst2pdf for all her slide decks - a tool that she is now maintainer of. She contributes to the go-streamdeck library and is also active with the OpenAPI and AsyncAPI initiatives.

Thomas Krennwallner tkren 

Thomas is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Aiven, based in Toronto. From a background in the academic field of computational logic he became a Debian package maintainer for software packages in that discipline including clasp and gringo.

About his attitude to open source Thomas says "As I need to accomplish some piece of work, I want to get the problem out of my way as quickly as possible, so a good bug report helps the maintainer of the OSS component to address the problem quickly and therefore I can enjoy the fixed software sooner ... More often than not, just fixing the bug in the OSS component is less work than creating a by-pass for the bug myself.", which is a good reflection of how we do things at Aiven.

Plankton Program

At Aiven, we want to support our employees in their endeavours, and also contribute to society as a whole. We have scheme called the "Plankton Program" that allows employees to claim compensation for the (limited) time they spend on open source activities outside of work. Many of our employees make open source contributions at work, on our own projects or on the upstream projects or other industry tools - and those are all on work time of course.

The Plankton Program allows us to support and recognise the extra work and small improvements to the ecosystem that our employees are making outside of what is strictly required of them. We are proud of our people and happy to support their work!

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