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Aiven for PostgreSQL®

Fully managed and hosted PostgreSQL with high performance and all the extensions you want out of the box.

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How it works

What is PostgreSQL like with Aiven?

Set up fully managed PostgreSQL in less than 10 minutes — directly from our web console or programmatically via our API, CLI, Terraform provider or Kubernetes operator. Our stand-by nodes act automatically as read replicas, and you can also create additional read replicas in different public clouds and regions, even building multi-cloud architectures. Our Point-In-Time-Recovery lets you restore your data to any time within your selected retention period.


Benefits of Aiven’s PostgreSQL® as-a-service

No one wants to spend an entire day getting databases set up or running maintenance checks. Or installing security patches, upgrades, and generally making sure things don’t break as you scale them.

With Aiven’s hosted and managed-for-you PostgreSQLⓇ, you can spin up your clusters in as fast as a mouse click — so you stop burning hours managing DBs and get back to focusing on your code.

  • Automatic updates and upgrades. Zero stress.

    Stressing about applying maintenance updates or version upgrades to your clusters? Do them both in a single click from your Aiven dashboard. With no interruptions or downtime. Ever.

  • 99.99% uptime. 100% human support.

    Downtime is a disaster for critical applications. That’s why Aiven makes sure you get 99.99% uptime. Plus, you get access to a 100% human support team — in case you need a helping hand.

  • Super-transparent pricing. No networking costs.

    Aiven for PostgreSQL comes with all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees or charges, just one payment that covers networking to data storage, and everything in-between.

  • Scale up or down as you need.

    Increase your storage, get more clusters, or expand to new regions. PostgreSQL has never been this easy.

Customer stories

How Aiven customers use PostgreSQL

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Pricing plans

Scale up or down. Pay only for what you use.

All-inclusive pricing so you never get end-of-the-month surprises. No add-on maintenance, networking, or storage fees. Private networking (VPC), single-tenant, and high-availability multi-AZ available.

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Key features of Aiven for PostgreSQL

Set up

Flexible, fast and stress-free

  • Production-ready PostgreSQL clusters in 10 minutes

  • Deploy to the cloud of your choice with 5 public clouds and 100+ regions supported

  • High performance clusters based on carefully selected instance types and storage options

  • Bring-your-own-account (BYOA)  deployment model supported for strict control environments

  • Large storage capacity — 10TB plans


Integrate with your data infrastructure


DevOps-friendly management and development

  • Manage your PostgreSQL cluster using Aiven Console (GUI), CLI, Terraform, or Kubernetes tools

  • Scale, fork, upgrade, and create read replicas with the click of a mouse

  • Guaranteed compatibility with open source software

  • Migrate easily between clouds and regions


Reliable, secure and zero lock-in

  • Self-healing platform with 99.99% SLA for uptime.

  • High availability plans come with 1 or 2 standby nodes, which also act as read replicas

  • Zero downtime during scaling, upgrading, and other management operations

  • Automatic backups with Point-In-Time-Recovery support

  • Secure and compliant solution — ISO 27001:2013, SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI/DSS

  • Option for 24/7 support from a 100% human support team


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