Aiven PostgreSQL is the worry-free SQL cloud database service.

Combining the best open-source SQL database engine with our extensive geographical coverage, automatic no-downtime migration between regions and plans, automatic real-time backup and high-availability features allows us to offer you the most advanced, fully-managed PostgreSQL DBaaS hosting on the planet.

Aiven PostgreSQL is available in AWS, Azure, GCP, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean and UpCloud.

Multiple clouds supported


Completely automatic setup and maintenance

Aiven hosted Postgres services are launched by a push of a button and non-functional nodes are automatically replaced with new ones. This is a true Database-as-a-Service, you do not need to worry about the administrative details of setting the service up.

Get your database running fast

It only takes a few minutes to sign-up, pick a service plan and get a database service running. Databases are launched using the Aiven self-service console with a couple clicks to provision and automatically set up the new database. Databases are typically available within a few minutes of the provisioning request.


Aiven PostgreSQL Business and Premium plans have replica nodes in hot standby mode that will automatically take over a failed master node in case the master node fails reducing a possible service outage in case of a system failure. Immediately following a failure Aiven automatically starts restoring the service to the configured service level, by provisioning new replica nodes to replace the failed ones.

Fault recovery

The Startup and Hobbyist plans which do not have replica nodes are also automatically restored to their last good state without requiring user intervention should a failure occur. The perceived outage in such a situation depends on the database size.

Automatic real-time backups to a remote location

Full database backups are periodically uploaded to extremely fault resilient cloud-specific object stores. Incremental changes are streamed to standby nodes in real-time and periodically to backups as well.


Seamlessly upgrade from a single-node starter plan to a geo-replicated premium setup without downtime

You can smoothly upgrade to a larger plan with High Availability and better performance without causing any downtime. Updating the service plan is implemented by performing a rolling upgrade to new, larger virtual machines.

Migrate databases between clouds without downtime

Move your database service between regions or to different clouds altogether at the push of a button, without downtime. Migrating the service from one cloud to another is implemented by performing a rolling upgrade to the new cloud.

Real-time view of your query patterns

View your query patterns in real-time in the Web. Pin point your slow or unexpectedly often run queries.

Powerful REST API and command-line tools

Besides using the Web-interface you can control your database services through our command line client or by directly calling our REST API.


Support for multiple users and databases

Aiven allows creating an unlimited number of logical databases and database users per service instance. Useful when you want to separate different applications data.

Fork databases without stressing the production system

Fork your database for reporting or testing without stressing your production system. This is especially useful when you want to test against your production data without affecting your actual production service.

Restore from backups to any point in time (PITR)

Restore your data to any point in time. Useful when you need to return to the time before a problem occurred or want to see how the data looked at some particular moment in the past. The time range available for point-in-time-recovery depends on the service plan.

Connection pooling

PGBouncer based connection pooling allows you to have thousands of PostgreSQL connections without slowing down the server. You can create your own pools with session, transaction or statement level connection pooling.

Always the latest Postgres versions

Aiven PostgreSQL always allows you to use the very latest PostgreSQL features. PostgreSQL major versions 9.5, 9.6 and 10 are available for use.

Popular extensions available, including PostGIS and PL/v8

Aiven PostgreSQL comes with batteries included. Whether you want to use common GIS functions provided by PostGIS or would like to use Javascript functions Aiven PostgreSQL has an extension for you.
Secure by design


Data always encrypted in transit and at rest

With Aiven PostgreSQL your data is always encrypted whether it's being transferred or when it's at rest on disk. We enforce the use of TLS for connections and encrypt the data on disk.

Run on dedicated virtual machines, no shared resources

Always run on dedicated virtual machines, never sharing resources with other users. Provides security isolation from other users.

Automatic security update deployment

Security updates are deployed promptly and you never have to worry about patching your Postgres or operating system vulnerabilities again.

Network security

All service nodes are firewalled and users are only allowed to connect from IP addresses or address ranges specified by you.

Support and
Service Level

100% service level guarantee

Aiven takes great pride in providing highly fault-resilient database services with automatic recovery in case of system failures. If an outage is caused by an apparent failure in the Aiven software, users of Startup, Business and Premium plans are provided with free usage credits covering 30 times the outage period.

Outage credits are not provided in case the used cloud provider terminates virtual machines used by Aiven to implement the service because of a planned or emergency maintenance event. In such cases the replicated Business and Premium plans continue to operate without outages, but Startup and Hobbyist plans will be unavailable while the service is rebuilt on new virtual machines. Please note that Hobbyist plans are not covered by the 100% service level guarantee.

Support options

Aiven operates 24/7/365 monitoring of the Aiven service and Aiven personnel will be automatically alerted to any service anomalies. Aiven personnel will rapidly address any issues in system operations requiring manual intervention.

Aiven's support staff are contactable over email at and will answer any questions regarding the Aiven service during the ongoing or next business day.

Support contracts providing higher levels of response times plus alternative contact methods (phone, IM) are available on request. Please contact for more details.

Aiven PostgreSQL Postgres plans

Hobbyist Startup Business Premium
All plans are billed by the hour sign up sign up sign up sign up
Dedicated VMs 1 1 2
(master + standby)
(master + two replicas)
CPUs per VM 1 CPU core 1-64 CPU cores 1-64 CPU cores 1-64 CPU cores
Memory per VM 1 GB RAM † 4-240 GB RAM † 4-240 GB RAM † 4-240 GB RAM †
Storage 8 GB SSD 80-2800 GB SSD 80-2800 GB SSD 80-2800 GB SSD
Connection limit 25 100-1000
25 per GB of RAM
25 per GB of RAM
25 per GB of RAM
Available in multiple clouds Google, UpCloud, DigitalOcean AWS, Azure, Google, UpCloud, DigitalOcean AWS, Azure, Google, UpCloud, DigitalOcean AWS, Azure, Google, UpCloud, DigitalOcean
(private clouds)
Seamlessly switch between plans
One-click upgrades to new major versions
Extensions (PostGIS, PL/v8, etc)
Performance graphs
Data encrypted on disk and network
Real-time backups to a remote location
Restore to any point in time (PITR)
1 day

14 days

30 days
Multiple logical databases per instance
Database forks
Connection pooling
100% availability guarantee
Continuously verified data restoration
Read-only access to DB replica nodes
VPC peering in AWS and GCP
Run under your own cloud account (BYOA)


Plan Dedicated
CPUs per
Memory per
VM †
Storage per
VM †
Price per

Billing details

Aiven services are billed by the hour, you only pay for the services that are running. No extra charges are applied when a service is migrated between clouds or the service type is changed. The new hourly pricing takes immediate effect on such changes.

The default billing method for Aiven usage is a credit card charge (using Stripe as the credit card processor) at the end of a calendar month. MasterCard, Visa and American Express are among the supported credit card types. The final charges will also include the applicable VAT for non-business entities within the European Union.

All Aiven prices are set in US Dollars. Clients can choose to be billed in Euros, in which case the total service bill in US Dollars over one calendar month is converted to Euros at the end of the month and an invoice is issued for that sum. Official pricing is always in US Dollars and any pricing displayed in Euros is based on estimates.

Custom pricing for up-front payment of a fixed term and invoicing are available for customers based on approval by Aiven. Please contact for a custom quote and more details on payment methods.