Ometria delivers customer insights faster and more reliably with Aiven


Ometria serves the needs of hundreds of retail marketers by delivering detailed information about their customers, which is then used to create personalized marketing experiences through Ometria’s marketing platform.

Ometria’s data volumes have grown considerably since the company’s founding in 2013, and their existing setup with AWS RDS began to creak under the load. They found themselves continually increasing provisioned IOPS to achieve stability, but that solution was costing them lots of money.

Fortunately, Ometria found a way to cope with increasing data volumes without overprovisioning their environment by moving to Aiven’s scalable PostgreSQL® solution. Download the full case study to find out why they selected Aiven and how we helped solve their problem!

Ometria logo
Products used
Apache Kafka
Aiven for Apache Kafka®
Aiven for OpenSearch®
Aiven for PostgreSQL®
Hosted on
Amazon Web Services

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Aiven case studies showcase industry leading companies and their efforts to build world class data pipelines. Every story is unique, but they all have a common thread - focus on the data, not the infrastructure.

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