Alef reaches over 120,000 students with Aiven

Alef's digital learning platform runs on Apache Kafka, bringing content to learners and insights to teachers.


Alef Education uses Apache Kafka® as the heart of their blended learning platform to deliver learning content and performance results to students and teachers. With help from Aiven they have scaled up their operations from 10 schools to over 400 and improved the Alef Platform’s reliability at the same time.

A microservice-based platform is challenging to scale and Kafka is complex to manage in-house. Aiven’s helpful, knowledgeable team has made life a lot easier for Alef Education by resolving their challenges around scaling, reliability and performance, and enabling their business to grow. To find out the details and get a sneak-peak on Alef Education's architecture model using Aiven, download the full case study!

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