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Decoupling systems to scale for growth: The experience of Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading certification training providers for key IT industry skills. As their number of course offerings and learners accessing their systems increased, they realized that their existing infrastructure was not ready to power the growing demand. They needed an event streaming solution.

To make their product scalable, user-friendly and reliable, this solution needed to:

  • Be decoupled to ensure outages would not prevent users from progressing with their learning goals
  • Support a high volume of real-time user metrics without impacting performance
  • Gather data in real time to improve user experience and facilitate more data-driven decisions
  • Be resilient to failures without any loss of data

In this webinar, the Simplilearn architecture team shares the lessons and insights they gained from decoupling their architecture and how Aiven for Apache Kafka® allowed them to bring their strategy to fruition.

Highly recommended for:

  • Technical decision makers who want to ask the hard questions and make informed decisions about event stream processing and Apache Flink
  • Data platform owners/Product Managers/Product Owners who want a broader perspective on how a stream processing managed service can unlock new use case scenarios
  • Software architects/Platform Engineers exploring stream processing solutions
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Presented by

Kusum Saini

Kusum Saini

Principal Architect, Simplilearn

Kusum works as a Principal Architect at Simplilearn and shapes the technology vision of the organization. With 15+ years of experience across LAMP, MEAN and MERN frameworks and cloud computing, she brings innovations in architectural solutioning and champions research in the latest technologies to solve the challenges faced by modern businesses. She is passionate about serverless and event driven architectures and is often looked upon by the technology teams for guidance with architectural solutions.

Having worked with clients across India, Europe and the US, Kusum advocates the best practices to create scalable and enterprise grade applications. A certified Yoga instructor, she evangelizes healthy body, mind and soul for the technologists who are in for the long game.

    Mrinal Barua

    Mrinal Barua

    Director of Platform Development, Simplilearn

    Mrinal is the Director of Platform development at Simplilearn. He is a result oriented technical leader with strong hands-on expertise in LAMP and MEAN stacks, people, process and stakeholder management. Have extensively worked in SDLC of large-scale enterprise applications for eCommerce and played a significant role in building the learning platform of Simplilearn.

    Mrinal specializes in external system integrations and event based architecture, and has championed Apache Kafka to solve various business challenges facing organizations. Off work, he is an avid singer and guitarist and loves to jam with friends and family.

      Ritesh Wanchoo

      Ritesh Wanchoo

      Cloud Architect, Simplilearn

      Ritesh leads the Cloud and Data Architecture teams at Simplilearn. With more than a decade of experience across legacy and modern technology stacks, his area of focus is optimized performance of the systems, zero downtime and solutions that keep the Cloud and Data infrastructure stable, secure and scalable.

      His areas of interest include databases, decoupled architecture, and performance running. He regularly blogs about the best practices in technology service management. You can occasionally find him cycling by lakesides or stargazing in the night.

        Markos Sfikas

        Markos Sfikas

        Product Marketing Manager for Event Streaming, Aiven

        Markos works as a Product Marketing Manager for Event Streaming at Aiven. He previously held marketing position for Ververica, ResearchGate and LinkedIn and he is passionate about real time data streaming and stream processing technologies.