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Sep 29, 2023

Customers Affirm Value of Aiven Platform through G2 badges

Aiven Named Leader in Event Stream Processing

Ian Massingham

Ian Massingham

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In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, agility and innovation are essential to staying ahead. At Aiven, we understand the challenges faced by businesses when managing open source data technologies. Here, we explore how we take that burden away so customers can focus on what they do best — innovating on behalf of their customers and delivering exceptional products.

Aiven Leader G2 2023 Fall

Operational excellence delivers reassurance

In my role as Chief Marketing Officer, I’m fortunate that I get to talk to lots of customers. It’s clear from those conversations that one of the things they value most about Aiven is the peace of mind we give them. They trust us to take on the management of their open source data technologies, in all its complexity, which enables them to focus on the creation of exceptional applications that meet their own customers’ needs. They also recognise that Aiven’s operational excellence and industry-leading technical expertise translates into unparalleled reliability, performance and security for their data infrastructure — all while saving them time and money.

That’s what our customers tell me — and it’s what they are telling each other. Earlier this month, positive customer feedback helped us earn a batch of badges in the Fall report from G2 – the peer-to-peer software and technology review website — including the Enterprise High Performer badge. This highlights the growing number of enterprise organizations with 1,000+ employees, such as Priceline and Decathlon, working with Aiven to harness the power of open source technologies.

“Reliable and Responsive Kafka Hosting Service! …. They have been a reliable and responsive partner for our organization's event-driven architecture …. Their responsiveness to customer support requests is remarkable .... With their deep expertise in Kafka, it is reassuring to have their knowledgeable professionals available to assist us whenever needed.” Carlos A, G2 User

Ownership and control for increased agility

Having the flexibility to adapt their approach to IT is always important to business, but particularly during times of economic instability. We know that our customers appreciate the choice and control we offer because it gives their business greater agility. They can choose their preferred cloud platform and their preferred region for running Aiven services (from all the major public platforms and 100+ regions we offer). They can scale compute and storage, up and down, with a simple push of a button. And they can control everything from one platform, which gives them standardized visualization, governance and management for all their data infrastructure services.

“Everything about Aiven has been great to power our company's analytics and has truly been a set-it-and-forget-it piece of our infrastructure. Aiven has been extremely responsive with their support and has been great at working with us to fit to our custom needs …. It is flexible with the cloud providers allowed and is very cost effective,” Kevin X, G2 User

Ease of use unlocks innovation

Our goal is to help organizations solve problems more easily, foster innovation and create exceptional applications, and to help organizations achieve these goals by unlocking the potential of powerful open-source technologies. The Aiven platform is equipped with a comprehensive toolkit that customers can depend upon for seamless data streaming, storage and analysis, and provides a fully featured, fully managed data infrastructure that can be set up in under 10 minutes.

Our platform’s exceptional user-friendliness is highly valued by our customers, as it provides them with the freedom to drive innovation. That’s why we ranked first out of six products in G2’s implementation index, receiving both the Most Implementable and Easiest Setup badges.

“Aiven makes light work of an otherwise rather complex solution. I've had to run Kafka clusters in the past and had to dedicate specialist teams and resources just to keep the lights on. In contrast, I set up my cluster in Aiven when I first joined and I haven't had to touch it – it just works! Saves me countless hours and resources!” Brian W, G2 User

Building better data infrastructure together

As the leading open source data platform, as chosen by businesses worldwide, we help customers of all sizes and industries to confidently create, utilize and manage data applications. We’re committed to continuously improving our offerings but recognize we need customer input to align our innovation with market expectations. That’s why we encourage users to provide feedback and insights.

If you would like to contribute to that mission, please visit Aiven Ideas to view our public roadmap and give feedback on features ( Alternatively, you can provide feedback via the peer-to-peer review website G2. (

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