Diary of an Engineering Director - Building Real Time Event Streaming Engines

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Join Brent Van Geertruy, Director of Engineering at Bonsai, and Alan Scott, Commercial Account Executive at Aiven, as they dive into the realization that manual data entry was no longer sustainable for Bonsai. With their product catalog expanding from a couple of thousand products on small Shopify stores to a couple of million products, receiving constant updates, they turned to Aiven for an automated, event-driven data architecture on Google Cloud using Aiven's managed services.

Learn about the key drivers, challenges, and achievements in building data pipelines for Bonsai's millions of data points. Watch the full chat to discover how they empowered their teams, seamlessly integrated event streaming, and automated processes for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Brent Van Geertury
Brent Van Geertruy

Director of Engineering at Bonsai

    Alan Scott portrait
    Alan Scott

    Commercial Account Executive at Aiven

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