Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure: Strategies for Short, Mid, and Long Term Success with Talon.One

As organizations migrate workloads to the cloud, infrastructure costs can quickly become a major expense. However, optimizing cloud costs goes beyond simply reducing overall spend.

In this webinar, Aiven's customer Talon.One, who manages over 250 databases totaling over 17 terabytes, dives into strategies and tactics for optimizing cloud infrastructure. They discuss both tactical and continuous methods, sharing challenges, implemented solutions, and outcomes.

Join us to discover how to optimize cloud infrastructure costs for long-term success. Witness Talon.One's game-changing achievement as, with Aiven's latest cost optimization exercise, they successfully reduced their PostgreSQL costs by a third. Learn how to decrease TCO while ensuring high levels of uptime, security, and resiliency for your services.

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Yotam Cohen portrait
Yotam Cohen

DevOps Lead at Talon.One

As the DevOps team lead, Yotam is responsible for overseeing the efficient and reliable operation of Talon.One’s software development and deployment processes. He manages an enterprise-scalable infrastructure trusted by renowned customers such as Adidas, Afterpay, and Ticketmaster.

Zeljko Dodlek portrait
Zeljko Dodlek

Sales Director DACH at Aiven

With over 25 years of experience in infrastructure solutions and enterprise software, Zeljko Dodlek has worked in various positions to drive business growth in EMEA. Before Aiven, Zeljko worked for various US IT startups to establish new and innovative technologies in German-speaking countries.

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