NetSpyGlass simplifies and scales network monitoring with Aiven for Postgres and Kafka [Case Study]

Find out Aiven reduces NetSpyGlass's operational burden, allowing them to shorten their innovation cycle and improve service design.

21 February 2020
John HamminkDeveloper Advocate at Aiven

How do you build and maintain the data backend for a network-monitoring solution known for being the leader in customizability, with only a skeleton crew?

Although NetSpyGlass's team are experts in network monitoring and management, choosing the right data stores and management strategy for their solution posed an additional challenge.

On the team's challenges, Alexander Komlik, Chief DevOps Architect, found them easy to articulate but a challenge to address:

At this point we were pretty much single-handedly doing everything.

He adds that the team ultimately aimed to, “Achieve ease of deployment, but that's not unique or something that can be plugged into an automated framework.”

Eventually a few different events converged to point the company toward managed database and Kafka solutions for their backend: first, a consultant tried out Aiven’s hosted InfluxDB to manage customers’ time-series data. Next, a Terraform expert joined the team.

Read more to find out how NetSpyGlass ultimately decided to use Aiven to ease their operational burden and shorten their innovation cycle and even improve their service design.

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