Comcast Xfinity Home and Aiven Kafka [Case Study]

Find out why Comcast Xfinity Home decided to go with Aiven Kafka to handle its most critical workflows.

29 October 2018
Kyle BuzzellMarketing Manager at Aiven

Well-known for its residential video, high-speed internet and phone services, Comcast also provides wireless security and automation services under Xfinity Home—one of the fastest growing home security providers in America.

With the aim of creating a single experience that connects and manages customers’ home and automation needs, Xfinity Home requires low latency at massive scale, which is why they chose Kafka to handle its most critical workflows.

Andrew Gerhold, Business Opportunities Manager, set a simple benchmark to evaluate providers:

The cluster must maintain high availability and must be performant 98% of the time under 50ms end-to-end.

After thoroughly vetting the competition, Aiven Kafka was selected as the solution of choice for Xfinity Home. To get the specifics of their challenge and why they decided to go with Aiven, download our case study below.

comcast case study
[Read the Case Study]

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