Aiven service integrations

Aiven service integrations transform the Aiven platform into a true database hub. In just a few clicks, you can leverage the power of logs, metrics, and dataflow/replication integrations among your services and with external applications.


Elasticsearch Logs

Enjoy unlimited retention with enhanced search features by sending your Aiven service logs to Aiven Elasticsearch.


Source services

cassandra.png elasticsearch.png grafana.png influxdb.png kafka.png postgresql.png redis.png


Datadog Metrics

Already using Datadog? Feel free to send your Aiven metrics to your existing Datadog account.


Source services

elasticsearch.png kafka.png postgresql.png redis.png

Prometheus Metrics

Send your Aiven metrics to your Prometheus system with only a few clicks.


Source services

kafka.png postgresql.png elasticsearch.png redis.png

Aiven Metrics

Get a better view of what is happening under the hood of your Aiven service with the Aiven metrics integration.

inf-logoinfluxdb.png graf-logografana.png

Source services

kafka.png postgresql.png


Kafka MirrorMaker

Increase the resilience of your microservices architecture by copying data between two Kafka clusters across availability zones and clouds.


Source services


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