Aiven integrations

Aiven integrations transform the Aiven platform into a true data cloud. In just a few clicks, you can leverage the power of logs, metrics, dataflow/replication and authentication integrations among your Aiven products and with external applications.


Deliver your logs to your own logging infrastructure or 3rd-party products like Loggly.

Send your logs to an external Elasticsearch service of your choice.

Get unlimited log retention and enhanced search features with Aiven for Elasticsearch.


Feel free to send your Aiven service metrics to your existing Datadog account.

Send your Aiven metrics to your Prometheus system with only a few clicks.

Access your Kafka service JMX performance and monitoring metrics with Jolokia.

Get a better view of what is happening with your Aiven service through our inter-service integration.


Copy data between two Kafka clusters across availability zones and clouds.


Streamline account management and password policy enforcement with SAML authentication.

Make account management much simpler and efficient with Google OAuth Single Sign-On (SSO).

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