Apache Kafka 101

The Why, What, and How

In this Cloud Chat, we answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about Apache Kafka but have been afraid to ask! Watch the recording to learn why it is the way it is, and what makes it so popular these days as a messaging queue, and how to use it.

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What we cover in this webinar

Want to learn more about Apache Kafka but you're too afraid to ask?

In this webinar, we discuss some powerful tools for asynchronous communication. We’ll look at Apache Kafka: its context, architecture, evolution and complementary technologies, including ZooKeeper, MirrorMaker 2.0 and Karapace, and consider the advantages of a managed Apache Kafka service.

Finally, we run a live demo and end with a Q&A session with resources to get you started!

Presented by:

John Hammink

Developer Advocate

John Hammink, formerly of F-Secure, Skype, Mozilla and Arm Treasure Data, is today the Developer advocate and evangelist at Aiven. He produces content to simplify and democratize complex technologies and concepts.

Chris Gwilliams

Solutions Architect

Chris Gwilliams is one of our Solutions Architects, this basically means he wants to solve your problems because he is unable to solve his own. He is a lover of open-source, which is the primary reason he moved to Aiven after 10 years of avoiding capitalism.

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