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Aiven for M3 Aggregator allows you to immediately deploy fully-managed, purpose-built clusters for workloads that use aggregated time series data in the cloud of your choice.

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Top two reasons to run M3 Aggregator as its own service

Increase throughput by scaling independently from your M3DB cluster

Your aggregations are replicated across cluster nodes for high availability.

Aiven for M3 Aggregator Key Features

You don't need to store your aggregated data sets in a vacuum with M3 Aggregator as a Service — our features allow you to freely and easily incorporate it into your architecture.

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Find the right plan and pricing for you

Transparent, inclusive, and flexible describe our pricing. Pay for what you need: we bill by the hour according to your usage.


Get started in 3 simple steps


Click the M3 cluster you’d like to run the integration off of


Click Manage integrations from within the cluster’s overview screen


Click Use integration for M3 Aggregator, follow the prompts, and that’s it!

"At Comcast, we needed a robust managed Kafka solution for some of our most critical workflows. Based on our evaluation, Aiven clearly offers superior cost, support and performance."

Adam Hertz | VP of Engineering

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