The future of data

Time series databases - the next data dimension

Medical sensors, autonomous vehicles, financial fluctuations, your refrigerator... These days anything can be connected, and the data flow can be astronomical. When you’re wrestling with near infinite data, a time series database – like Aiven for M3 – will help you make sense out of chaos.

Want to know more? Let’s dive into the time series data vortex.


What is time series data?

The world is full of connected devices and services producing massive amounts of data, around the clock. Time Series Databases (TSDBs) are designed to handle and analyse that flood of time-stamped data, scale up as needed, and compare datasets to provide insights into past, present and possible future patterns.


Time series databases – and why you might need one

It’s time to get down to practicalities. How do TSDBs work? How do you get relevant data into them, and useful information out? And most importantly, what are the best time series solutions available today?


Aiven for M3 – the fully managed time series solution

When choosing the best time series database, scalability, compatibility, availability, and cost effectiveness considerations all play a part. Aiven for M3 makes the decision easy – it’s simply one of the most powerful, fully managed TSDB options available.


Taking data further – Aiven’s solutions make your data shine

What’s better than time series data? Time series data with frosting on top! TSDBs – like Aiven for M3 – are ideal for collecting metrics for monitoring purposes. Sprinkle on the tools and components included in Aiven’s services, and you’ve got a solid foundation for observability.


If you want to dive deeper into time series databases, we’ve collected some of our best articles, videos, and other resources to help you take the step into the next dimension.