Technology basics

29 September 2022

Introducing Klaw for Apache Kafka® governance

Klaw, an open source data governance toolkit, helps enterprises exercise Apache Kafka® Topic and schema governance. Find out what you can accomplish with it!

14 September 2022|By

What is ClickHouse®?

07 September 2022

An introduction to Redis®

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05 July 2022

Apache Kafka® simply explained

Learning Apache Kafka doesn’t have to be difficult. Read on to get a friendly explanation of the Apache Kafka fundamentals.

16 June 2022

Contributing to Aiven's developer documentation

Aiven creates its developer documentation as an open source project, so you too can help! Read on to find out how we use docs-as-code to make this happen.

09 June 2022

What is Apache Kafka®?

Have you ever been confused by all this talk about kafkas and streaming? Get the basics in this post full of information and resources.

09 June 2022

What is PostgreSQL®?

Join us for a browse about the ins and outs of PostgreSQL® on this page of information and resources.

23 February 2022

What is MySQL? Get the basics here

MySQL is a traditional open source relational database that goes well with many well-established applications. Find out more about its features and use cases.

27 January 2022

Introduction to OpenSearch®

OpenSearch is a community-driven and truly open source search and analytics suite. Read on for a high-level look at its capabilities.

18 August 2021

Introduction to event-driven architecture

Goodbye request-response, welcome producers and consumers! Read on to discover event-driven architecture, the best way to build microservice applications.

18 November 2020

An introduction to time series databases

Join us for a deep dive into time series databases. We'll look at what they are, why they're needed, and what makes them uniquely suited for their workload.

09 September 2020

An introduction to M3

M3DB holds great promise for time series use cases. We lay out the reasons why in this deep dive into the open-source time series database.

22 July 2019

An introduction to Apache Cassandra®

Apache Cassandra is a wide column data store. Join as as we explain what that means, and cover the high and the low of this open source database.