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Jun 29, 2023

What's new on the Aiven Developer Center: June 2023

MySQL migration, caching with PostgreSQL® and Redis®*, pgvector for PostgreSQL® and more!

Celeste Horgan

Celeste Horgan

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Developer Educator at Aiven

The Aiven Developer Center is your source for open source articles and tutorials on Apache Kafka®, Apache Flink®, PostgreSQL, Redis®*, Cassandra and more! Here's what we published in June 2023.

Aiven publishes new content about open source databases and streaming to our Developer Center regularly. You can sign up for the Aiven free tier to try out many of the tutorials there and Aiven as a whole.

Take a look at our documentation for more on our products, read our case studies to see customers using Aiven in practice, and check our events for more content from the Aiven team! You can also interact with us on our community forum!

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