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12 May 2016
Oskari Saarenmaa
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Chief Executive Officer at Aiven

The first beta of the upcoming PostgreSQL 9.6 major release was announced today with a number of important new features such as parallel queries, enhanced foreign data wrappers and various performance improvements for large databases.

To make it easier to test the new beta as well as to validate your applications compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.6 we've added support for it in Aiven.  When creating a new service in the console you can now select "PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta" as your service type, but note that this is a beta version and there are no guarantees about data durability.

When the PostgreSQL 9.6 final release comes out - expected this September - we'll provide you with one-click minimal downtime upgrade functionality allowing you to upgrade your current PostgreSQL 9.5 production databases to the new version with little effort.  We'll also make it possible to "fork" a 9.5 production database into a new 9.6 database allowing you to perform further validation of the new version without disrupting the production system.

Test PostgreSQL 9.6 in Aiven for free

You can sign up for a free trial of the Aiven Cloud Database service at and try out PostgreSQL 9.6 beta using the US$10 worth of free credits we provide you at sign-up.  Aiven for PostgreSQL is available in all Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean and UpCloud regions.