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Apr 1, 2022

Use cases for PostgreSQL®

PostgreSQL® is great for a huge variety of use cases involving data. Find out how Aiven's customers are using it as part of their data architecture.

According to the db-engines ranking, PostgreSQL is the fourth most popular database management system (and most popular open source DBMS).

Today in addition to enterprise users, a number of 3rd party vendors, consultancies and independent groups derive products from, consult, support, and offer auxiliary enhancements for PostgreSQL. There are also integrations with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), many cloud versions, hardware-optimized versions, and so forth.

By far the biggest industry sector using PostgreSQL is the computer software industry, followed by information technology and services. Other industries include hospitals and health care, higher education, financial services, telecommunication, education, marketing and advertising. Government agencies, including the FBI, are also users.

Here are some companies using Aiven for PostgreSQL to great effect in their business-critical systems.

Catalyst, a customer success company, uses Aiven for PostgreSQL to store customer data.

NetSpyGlass uses Terraform to provision their PostgreSQL and Apache Kafka to provide network monitoring automation solutions for their customers.

Norauto is an automotive retail entity running a variety of digital services for their customers using many open source tools, among them Aiven for PostgreSQL.

Ometria uses PostgreSQL to provide customer insights to drive personalised cross-channel marketing experiences.

OVO Energy uses advanced data solutions to cut their carbon emissions.

Spare's on-demand transportation service runs on Aiven for PostgreSQL.

To read more about PostgreSQL, take a look at What is PostgreSQL? on the Aiven blog. Or just sign up for a PostgreSQL trial on Aiven at!

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