Mar 20, 2022

Use cases for Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a great platform that can meet a great variety of use cases. Find out how Aiven's customers are using it to drive results and solve complexity.



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Written by the Aiven team

Gaming and gambling operator Paf moved from a company operating mechanical slot machines into an operator of hybrid gaming infrastructure that had to run also in offline premises.

OVO Energy uses Aiven for Apache Kafka to tackle the climate crisis by giving end users the means to take control of their energy usage. Paired up with e.g. OpenSearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, InfluxDB adn Grafana, Kafka bridges the gap between data collection and analytics.

Alef Education runs a major learning platform with Aiven for Apache Kafka, InfluxDB and Grafana. Learners do their tasks online, and Kafka passes the information to InfluxDB for storage and Grafana for analytics.

GoTo Financial provides payment and other financial services for the enormous Gojek ecosystem via Aiven for Apache Kafka.

Mirakl went from providing a separate environment for each of their online marketplace customers to a microservice architecture with Aiven for Apache Kafka.

JobCloud integrated Aiven for Apache Kafka into their legacy systems and now runs Switzerland's largest job board with it. The new setup is modern, and very extensible and scalable.

In retail, Norauto uses Kafka to synchronise data between PostgreSQL, MySQL, OpenSearch and Redis to speed up development and free the database management bottleneck.

And in the fully online world, NetSpyGlass modernised their on-prem, self-managed network monitoring automation with Aiven's managed Apache Kafka and expanded the range of their services. The new solution empowered their engineers to develop better and faster ways to provision networks.

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