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17 May 2022

Setting up Django to use Aiven for PostgreSQL®

Django is a fully-featured high-level Python web framework. Read on to see how to get it to store its data in an Aiven for PostgreSQL® database.

13 May 2022|By

5 good questions to ask before migrating your database (and answers too)

31 March 2022|By

Secure your database access with HashiCorp Vault

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20 March 2022

Use cases for Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a great platform that can meet a great variety of use cases. Find out how Aiven's customers are using it to drive results and solve complexity.

20 March 2022

Apache Kafka® key concepts

A glossary of terms related to Apache Kafka®

01 March 2022

Migrate your Elasticsearch client to OpenSearch®

Leaving ES to stay open source? Data migration all planned? Now learn how to migrate your Elasticsearch client to OpenSearch® in Python, Java and Node.js.

20 January 2022

Quickly developing REST APIs with PostgREST

Setting up an HTTP interface to a database can be a lot of work. Find out how PostgREST makes it quick and simple to provide RESTful access to PostgreSQL®.

21 December 2021

Start using OpenSearch® with NodeJS

Great search and aggregation features can make a big difference to your application. Read on to see how to use OpenSearch with your NodeJS.

07 December 2021

Preparing Apache Kafka® for Scala 3

Aiven's OSPO is dealing with migration of Apache Kafka to Scala 3. Find out how they managed!

01 November 2021

Add Aiven database magic to your Laravel project

Using Laravel? Read about our new way to easily reconfigure your Aiven database connection: connect to any Aiven database and power off any unused ones.

29 October 2021

Introduction to event-based programming

In this article, guest blogger Gigi Sayfan explores event-driven programming: its benefits and shortcomings, how it works, and what useful patterns it brings to the table. We’ll also dive into some fun examples.

31 August 2021

Solving the knapsack problem in PostgreSQL®

The knapsack problem: how to fit all the items you're most likely to need on holiday? Find out how to use the world's best OS database to help you pack.

12 August 2021

Metrics and graphs with M3 and Grafana

Monitoring and graphs go together like milk and coffee. Find out how to use M3 to monitor your systems, and Grafana to make the results easier to understand.

04 August 2021

Get started with Apache Superset and PostgreSQL®

Find out how to use Apache Superset to create data visualizations from a PostgreSQL table in an Aiven environment - and use it to drive your business decisions.

23 June 2021

The pursuit of happiness with Python and PostgreSQL®

The world and the data in it are seldom perfect. Read to find out how to clean up the data in your PostgreSQL® database so that it's usable for analysis.

21 June 2021

Observe your PostgreSQL® metrics with Terraform, InfluxDB and Grafana

Read the latest instalment of the Terraform adventures to find out how to plug PostgreSQL into Grafana and really see what the metrics are saying.

15 June 2021

TIG Stack: Using Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana on Aiven

Learn how to set up performance monitoring by using the TIG stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana) to visualize the health status of your laptop.

03 June 2021

Aiven databases and Terraform for fun and profit

Terraforming is hard and long-term, but using Terraform is the exact opposite. Read to find out how to manage your Aiven databases with this cool tool!

20 May 2021

Analyzing Netflix shows with pgAdmin and PostgreSQL

Learn to use pgAdmin with PostgreSQL by... watching movies? Find out more!

12 May 2021

5 tips for choosing a DBaaS vendor

In managed cloud infra, David Esposito has seen it all from both sides of the table. Now he offers his best 5 tips for selecting a service provider.

10 May 2021

Teach yourself Apache Kafka® and Python with a Jupyter Notebook

Teach yourself Apache Kafka® and Python with a Jupyter Notebook

28 April 2021

Tips for designing payloads

Developers are adding Apache Kafka® to their tech stacks to get event-driven. Read Lorna Mitchell's tips for designing the payloads.

30 March 2021

Your first Aiven API call

Aiven's API is totally wizard, with its token authentication and JSON-formatted data. Find out how to put it to work in the real world.

25 March 2021

Using Kafka Connect JDBC Source: a PostgreSQL® example

Find out how to use Apache Kafka® Connect to to update an old app-to-db design to use up-to-date tech tools without disrupting the original solution.

17 March 2021

Data and disaster recovery

We don’t like to think about disasters, but sometimes they just happen. Find out how you should prepare your data for the worst, even while hoping for the best.

& Chris
26 February 2021

Aiven for PostgreSQL® for your Go application

Applications and databases go together like milk and cookies; on the menu today, a PostgreSQL cookie with a splash of refreshing Go milk. Bon appetit!

17 February 2021

Discover exoplanets with PostgreSQL® sample data

In this post, Lorna Mitchell populates an empty PostgreSQL database for testing with cool data about exoplanets. Read to learn how!

17 February 2021

How to stand up multiregion PostgreSQL® with Pulumi

Improve PostgreSQL performance by setting up a multiregion service: isolate read-intensive workloads to replicas. Trevor explains how, using Aiven and Pulumi.

10 February 2021

Create your own data stream for Apache Kafka® with Python and Faker

How can you test an empty data pipeline? Well, you can't, really. Read on and let's walk you through creating pretend streaming data using Python and Faker.

01 February 2021

Kafka v. RabbitMQ - a comparison

RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka? Read our comparison of their key features and how they process queues differently, and decide which is better for you!

25 November 2020

How to avoid high-load disasters in managed database services

Black Friday is THE peak load time of the year, the great holiday of the retail world. Find out what to do if your services start to overload.